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Measuring Equity and Financial Protection in Health Using ADePT (Nairobi, Kenya)

Measuring and Monitoring Health Equity:
Application of ADePT
3-4 April 2012
Nairobi, Kenya

On the 3rd and 4th April 2012, two training events on “Measuring and Monitoring Health Equity: Application of ADePT” were conducted in Nairobi, Kenya.

The event on the 3rd April was held at the World Bank Office Nairobi, Kenya. This event provided hands-on training in the techniques used to measure equity and financial protection in the health sector, using the new ADePT software. The morning session covered: introduction to the ADePT software; measuring equity in health outcome and health care utilization – the concentration curve and concentration index; benefit-incidence analysis. The afternoon session covered: financial protection – catastrophic and impoverishing health care payments; measuring equity in health care financing – progressivity analysis.

The event on the 4th April was held as part of a meeting on Resource Tracking and National Health Accounts in Africa and the Middle East. This event was designed to provide an overview of equity analysis and to demonstrate the types of equity analysis that can be carried out with National Health Accounts data. It covered benefit-incidence analysis and progressivity analysis.

Each session commenced with a presentation of concepts and methodology by the instructors. Then, participants got hands-on experience in using the ADePT software to carry out the techniques on their own laptops using datasets drawn from the LSMS, DHS and WHS surveys. The World Bank team provided participants with flash drives containing the software, purposively-created mini-datasets and other training materials. The training was conducted by a team consisting of Adam Wagstaff, Caryn Bredenkamp and Emiliana Gunawan from the World Bank Headquarters, and supported by Netsanet Walelign Workie and Joyce Bett from WB Nairobi Office. Thanks also go to David Morgan, Nirmala Ravishankar and Margareta Harrit for facilitating the hands-on portion of the training.

What did participants in Nairobi say?

- This was a lovely and interesting training more so due to its applicability in data analysis

- The training was sufficient enough and appreciate the scope of the tool in terems of pacaking vast datasets to manageable, readable, and standardized formats. A lot more to dig to master the use of the tool

- This is a good program; it will ease the economics analysis on health



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