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Performance-Based Financing Toolkit

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Introducing the Performance-Based Financing Toolkit

This toolkit was created by practitioners for practitioners and embodies decades of field testing to help you implement PBF in your context. Guidance on the process, the planning, the design, and the implementation of PBF schemes is shared by authors who have experimented with various methods and who have designed, implemented, witnessed, and evaluated its effects.

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Rapid Expansion of PBF Programs in Africa between 2006 and 2013

PBF has expanded rapidly in Africa. Currently (in 2013), there are three countries with nationwide programs and 17 countries with ongoing pilots. Six countries are in the advanced planning stage, and PBF initiatives are being discussed in nine countries. The map describes the evolution of PBF in Africa between 2006 and 2013.

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Map that shows rapid expansion of PBF programs in Africa between 2006 and 2013

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