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Civil Society Partnerships

The World Bank relies on its partnerships with civil society. The role of CSOs is important to the development agenda for many reasons:

  • Provide public goods and services not met by the State or the private sector
  • Assist governments in achieving development objectives. NGOs comparative advantage in dealing with particular social issues, situations and vulnerable groups
  • Influence social policy through social mobilization, lobby and promote participatory development
  • Help enhance government accountability and transparency

One of the ways the Pop/RH team of the World Bank partners with CSOs is through the Population/Reproductive Health Development Grant Facility’s Capacity Building Program. More information can be found here.


Many of the CSO that partner with the Bank include the following:


African Population Advisory Council (APAC)

The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Center for African Family Studies

Deutsche Stifung Weltbevolkerung (DSW)

Fundacion Esquel

Hesperian Foundation

IMIFAP – Education, Health and Life

Interact Worldwide

Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices (IAC)

International Planned Parenthood Federation


Marie Stopes International

Our Bodies Ourselves

Pacific Institute for Women’s Health

Pathfinder International

Planned Parenthood of New York City: Margaret Sanger Center


World Population Foundation


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