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Information for Development Program (infoDev)

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GICT infoDev - A Partnership

iinfoDev is a partnership of international development agencies, coordinated and served by an expert Secretariat housed at the World Bank, one of its key donors and founders. It acts as a neutral convener of dialogue, and as a coordinator of joint action among bilateral and multilateral donors —supporting global sharing of information on ICT for development (ICT4D), and helping to reduce duplication of efforts and investments. infoDev also forms partnerships with public and private-sector organizations who are innovators in the field of ICT4D. Priorities and strategies for infoDev are guided by a governance framework, approved by infoDev Donors in June 2005. The infoDev Secretariat is housed in the Global ICT Department (GICT) of the World Bank Group.

Committed to Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction

i infoDev’s mandate is to help maximize the impact of ICTs in global efforts to achieve the internationally-supported Millennium Development Goals. infoDev helps donors and their developing country partners identify ways ICT can contribute to objectives such as improving education and health services, making public institutions more efficient and transparent, supporting rural livelihoods, and contributing to economic growth by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises that use ICT for their business.

A Leading Resource of Knowledge on ICT for Development

infoDev sponsors cutting-edge research and analysis to help identify global best practice in the use of ICT4D. Research typically begins with a “mapping” exercise to understand “what we know and do not know” in a particular field. This may be followed by analytical research, surveys, evaluation of past experiences and/or the initiation of pilot projects designed to yield further knowledge of the field.

Linking Knowledge and Action

infoDev uses the knowledge it gathers to develop workshops, training seminars, toolkits, handbooks, and briefs to support donors, policy makers and others working in the field of ICT4D who are charged with turning knowledge into action. infoDev support assists them in setting policies, designing and implementing programs and projects, undertaking monitoring and evaluation, and building capacity. To perpetuate and strengthen the knowledge/action cycle, infoDev incorporates the feedback it receives from such activities to strengthen the knowledge-base and to identify new research opportunities. Details of infoDev’s priority themes and activities can be found in the infoDev Research Strategy and Work Plan.

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