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Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development

An international, multi-stakeholder partnership on measuring ICT for development was launched in June 2004.This Partnership aims to accommodate and develop further the different initiatives regarding the availability and measurement of ICT indicators at the regional and international levels. It provides an open framework for coordinating ongoing and future activities, and for developing a coherent and structured approach to advancing the development of ICT indicators globally, and in particular in developing countries.

Current partners include EUROSTAT, ITU, OECD, UNCTAD, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the UN Regional Commissions (UNECLAC, UNESCWA, UNESCAP, UNECA), UN ICT Task Force, and the World Bank Group. National Statistic Offices (NSOs) from advanced countries are invited to contribute to the partnership activities and provide expertise and advice to NSOs from developing countries, and transfer knowledge in areas such as methodologies and survey programmes. Also, a number of donors have supported partners on their e-measurement activities.  

  1. Achieve a common set of core ICT indicators, to be harmonized and agreed upon internationally, which will constitute the basis for a database on ICT statistics.
  2. Enhance the capacities of national statistical offices in developing countries and build competence to develop statistical compilation programmes on the information society, based on internationally agreed upon indicators.
  3. Develop a global database on ICT indicators accessible via Internet.


  • The first set of core ICT indicators was adopted at the WSIS Thematic Meeting in Geneva (7-9 February 2005).
  • The Partnership Publication Core ICT Indicators was launched by the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development on 15 November 2005, at WSIS in Tunis. It presents the core ICT indicators, definitions, model questions and suggestions on data collection for developing countries.
  • The publication “Measuring ICT: The Global Status of ICT Indicators” was also released at WSIS in Tunis and presents the results of a stocktaking of statistical measurement of ICT in all countries.
  • Regional Workshops have taken place in Addis Ababa, Beirut, Gaborone and Santiago de Chile for capacity building in developing countries.



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