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Survey of ICT and Education in Africa

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ICTs can be used to help meet education-related Millennium Development Goals and many organizations across Africa are pioneering new ways of using them. Despite this, education policy-makers and planners have not had a comprehensive account of what is actually being done “on the ground” in this area or a baseline dataset of the use of ICT in education. Until now.

infoDev, together with the Commonwealth of Learning and in collaboration with many donors and partners, has assembled 53 individual country reports, documenting the most relevant and useful current information about how ICT is being used in education in Africa.

Survey of ICT and Education in Africa” documents the current state of policy development, ICT infrastructure in schools, ICT-related teacher training, major challenges, and a variety of thematic issues (girls education, higher education, etc.).

For many countries, this is the first time such information has been made widely available. Updated over time, this will serve as an invaluable, one-of-akind resource to guide policymaking across the continent.



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