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Central Africa Backbone Project (CAB)

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The World Bank is supporting preparation of a regional backbone project in Central Africa. The amount of financing to be considered for approval by the World Bank Board of Executive Directors program may be between US$30 million and US$160million.

Establishing modern telecom infrastructures is a major driver for economic and social development of CEMAC’s countries. 

The World Bank is currently working with African Governments on a project to provide broadband connections in Central Africa to the Global Fiber Loop by using optical fiber already deployed along the Chad-Cameroon pipeline. 

The Project endorsed by the CEMAC Head of States is expected to decrease prohibitive telecom costs in landlocked countries, improve quality, route diversification and coverage of telecom services, and enable regional integration through Public-Private Partnership implementation.

Phase 1 of the Central African Backbone (CAB) Project is expected to focus on Chad, Cameroon and CAR and involves approximately US$30m financing.

Phase 2 of CAB Project is expected to include other Central African Countries as well as Nigeria and could mobilize up to US$130m additional financing.




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