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eRwanda eRwanda Overview
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Gender Training on ICT
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President Kagame named Regional Development icon 


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In the News: TIGA Award,
Coverage of 70 markets 


Kigali ICT Hub: (6min) - [English]
Clean vision: (5min) - [English]

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eRwanda Project (P098926)

WHO The Government of Rwanda received a Grant from the World Bank for the implementation of its eGovernment strategy. The Rwanda Development Board/ICT implements the eRwanda project funded by this Grant.
 WHYThe eRwanda Project has focused on specific activities within the National Information and Communication Infrastructure (NICI) plan with potentially the greatest impact on good governance and improved conditions for the country’s citizens, particularly those most vulnerable, least economically advantaged and vast majority of citizens who live in the rural areas including women, farmers and traders. In line with this mandate, the eRwanda project works with the following line objectives to contribute to the country’s vision 2020 goals;
GOAL: To Modernise the Rwandan economy and society into a knowledge based economy using ICT as the engine for accelerated development, economic growth, national prosperity and global competitiveness. OBJECTIVE 1: To improve the Government efficiency and effectiveness of some internal processes by end of 2010. OBJECTIVE 2: To improve the delivery of services in selected key sectors and better access to information through the use of technology by end of 2010.

2006-08-03 The Board approave the project.
2007-06-19 The eRwanda project become effective.
2008-10-01 Baseline study in 14 districts and 17 minitries to benchmark indicators.
2010-10-31 End-Term Evaluation Report pdf - Follow up study to assess project objectives achievement. An average of 80% satisfaction on speed of service delivery, customer care, and government services speed of delivery.
2010-12-31 Project is completed on time.
2011-01-31 Implementation Completion Report (ICR) pdf.
2011-04-05 Social Development BBL: Citizen Service Centers - Video 

NEXT: 2011-06 Plan to hold a ICR dissemination workshop in Kigali. Final ICR to be completed. Final audit report to be submitted to the World Bank.


Key Project Achievement include:
- 9 MDAs and 12 District Office LANs and telecenters implementation.
- 4 ICT buses, innovative movable Internet access station for rural reach.
- e-Soko agriculture mobile application providing commodity market price through SMS/IVR/web.
- TeleMedicine systems with the Ministry of Health linking hospital via the web.
- e-Cabinet gathers 17 ministries and store shared digital data.
- e-Forms automate public information and enable online application proccessing.

HOW MUCH Project budget: see Project Card 

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