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In 2008, the Republic of Korea established the Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D. The US$15 million trust fund has supported World Bank projects that demonstrate cutting edge approaches to development problems, with a focus on information and communications technology. The Korean Trust Fund is integral to the World Bank work, and helps the World Bank remain a force for transformative development outcomes worldwide.

The Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D is administered jointly by the ICT Sector Unit and infoDev.  The Trust Fund supports activities that serve as input in the development of lending operations in three key domains of ICT for Development:

·  e-Transformation Across Sectors: Using ICT - with a focus on mobile applications - to transform the efficiency and/or accountability of service delivery in various sectors and to track results (with an emphasis on food security, social services, and IT industry development);

·  Green IT: Implementing “Green IT” solutions that either (i) improve energy efficiency of electricity networks and/or of urban infrastructure including transport networks, or (ii) improve climate resilience of agriculture and water resource management systems;

·  Broadband Connectivity Infrastructure: Increasing access to affordable broadband infrastructure services through policy and regulatory interventions, and where needed, through catalytic public-private partnership investment, with a focus on mobile broadband.

In October 2010 The ICT Sector Unit issued a third call for proposals under the Korean Trust Fund.  The response was enthusiastic: 76 proposals were received from all regions of the Bank.  A short list was developed by the KTF Selection Committee, and has been submitted to the Korean Government for their review and approval. Final results will be posted on this site once received. 


Already, the Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D has had a big impact on ICT4D around the world. Key results include:

  • The very successful EVOKE, a social network game that empowers young people all over the world, and especially in Africa, to come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social problems. EVOKE ran from March to June 2010 and attracted more than 19,000 players and social innovators from 150 countries.
  • Fingerprint technologies will be used to track school attendance in Malawi to increase school completion rates, and to check farmer credit histories in Morocco to improve rural access to credit.
  • Public and private sector capacity to scale up mobile banking programs will be improved, based on a study of practices in Brazil and five Asian countries.
  • E-government applications will be developed in Indonesia, and an investment plan to expand the IT enabled services (ITES) market in Bangladesh.
  • Training programs on ICT skills are being established in Mozambique.


2010 Projects

  1. Broadband development in Tunisia: enabling economic growth through new applications in a secured environment
  2. Leveraging e-Government development for economic growth, greater efficiency, transparency and jobs creation in Nigeria
  3. Feasibility study for a nation-wide eProcurement system implementation, Rwanda
  4. Leveraging high-level experts, leaders and practitioners (HELP) for e-Transformation

2009 Projects

  1. Computerization of land record in AP: Impact and the next steps
  2. The use of Mobile phones in education in Developing Countries
  3. M-PB mobile technology as complementary ICT tool for participatory budgets
  4. Using Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Infrastructure for monitoring development outcomes
  5. Building a toolkit on broadband strategies for Developing Countries
  6. Peer-to-peer Networks for ICT enabled Government transformation
  7. Creating an ICT4D Innovation Platform
  8. Mobile Services and Applications for Sectoral Development
  9. Extending mobile applications in Africa through social networking


2008 Projects

  1. ICTs for Youth Innovation: Social Entrepreneurship in Africa
  2. Maintreaming the use of ICT and MIS in irrigation water delivery services
  3. Mobile Banking Users and Non Users Behavior Study
  4. Leveraging ICT for Bangladesh's Growth and Competitiveness
  5. Study on Broadband Policy in Korea: Lessons for Developing Countries
  6. Building Blocks for E-Government Capability
  7. New Economy Skills for Africa - Information and Communication Technologies and Education
  8. Technological Innovations in Rural Malawi: A Field Experimental Approach
  9. E-monitoring of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Rural Morocco

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Download the October 2010 Call for Proposals


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