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Technical Assistance for Development of Intelligent Transport System Strategic Plan

Beneficiary Country:  Russian Federation
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Project Description
:  The main objective of this Grant is to carry out critical initial assessments and preparatory tasks for development of a 10-year Strategic Plan for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The outputs of this Grant activity can then be adopted and used by policy-makers and professionals of the City of St Petersburg to finalize its 10-year ITS Strategic Plan. A Strategic Plan would provide a roadmap that will guide the City throughout planning, preparation, installation/construction and operation of ITS solutions in a strategic, coherent and cost-efficient manner.

Intelligent Transport Systems--an integrated application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to vehicles and transport infrastructure--are effective solutions to relieve congestion and to improve transport efficiency and safety, as proven in many developed countries including the US, Canada, Japan, the EU countries, Australia, and Korea. Utilizing existing and emerging ICT, ITS can influence travel mode choice, change travel patterns, change vehicle behavior, increase network efficiency, and increase utilization of existing vehicles and infrastructure.

ITS solutions, particularly when implemented according to a good strategic plan, help towards important development objectives, including improving the quality of life for citizens, fostering sustainable urban development, and mitigating adverse environmental impact of urban transportation in the city. ITS solutions will achieve these objectives by (a) managing travel demand and road traffic, (b) supporting efficient and clean transportation options, and (c) maximizing utilization of capacity of the existing infrastructure.



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