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Accelerating ICT adoption and Support for implementation of the e-Government Development Master Plan

Beneficiary Country:  Uzbekistan
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Project Description:  The development objective of the grant is to promote economic growth in Uzbekistan by accelerating ICT adoption and leveraging innovative technologies for delivery of e-services to businesses, citizens and government (G2B, G2C, G2G) in the priority areas of the economy.

Current ICT adoption rates in Uzbekistan are low compared to the region and far behind East Asian emerging economies. Investments in ICT technologies have the potential to spur innovation activities, improve the efficiency of interactions between the government and enterprise sector (through use of e-procurement, for example) and increase exports to new markets.

In addition, this project will add value to other Bank work programs in Uzbekistan, including the development of energy infrastructure with an ICT dimension (such as strengthening of the transmission system in Talimarjan, which will also lay fiber optic that could be used for telecoms and broadband), and the work to improve the Uzbek business environment as per the January 7, 2011 Presidential decree #PP-1464. Increased adoption of ICT by both the government and enterprises through this grant-funded project will maximize the benefits of investments made in these areas.



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