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Cebu Informal Transport Improvement Pilot

Beneficiary Country:  Philippines
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Project Description:  The development objective of the project is to establish a proof-of-concept for leveraging low-cost ICT and data collection practices to support more informed and transparent mass transit service planning and to improve the performance of the local informal transport service. 

The bulk of of the project comprises establishing a proof-of-concept for the use of GPS-enabled mobile phones for informal microbus (jeepney) tracking, data collection, and communication, as well as use of low-end mobile phones at key drop-off and pick-up sites for passenger data collection, to contribute to the creation of a dispatch system.  This system will: optimize fare revenues relative to operating costs; be phased and sufficiently transparent to ensure operator buy-in; provide an open market-driven platform for allocation of vehicles across transit routes; provide passenger and headway data to the City Transport Office for use in long term route planning; and create an opportunity for individual developers to create applications based on data collected through the program.



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