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2012-02 SDN Forum: ICT Sector Day

Begins:   Feb 23, 2012 08:00
Ends:   Feb 23, 2012 17:30

Dear ICT colleagues, 
We are looking forward to seeing you during the upcoming SDN Forum 2012 which will include the ICT Sector Day on February 23 and two Learning Days, February 29 and March 1. Registration for the ICT Sector Day is now open. We are delighted to have Rachel Kyte open the morning session on ICT Sector Day. Our keynote speaker will be Vivek Kundra, Former U.S. CIO followed by a lively discussion among several World Bank Directors who we consider ICT Champions.

Transforming All Sectors:
ICT for Open Government and Innovation

WHEN: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012, 08:00-17:30

WHERE: Washington DC, MC4-800 and ONLINE

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 Open Government: From Talk to Action

Discussion on how the Bank can operationalize support to Open Government by using ICT-enabled accountability and transparency mechanisms to improve public services across sectors.

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  • Moderator: Jose Luis Irigoyen, Director Transport, Water & ICT
  • Introduction by Rachel Kyte, Vice President, SDNVP
  • Keynote Speaker: Vivek Kundra, Former US Federal Chief Information Officer, Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Kenya
  • Discussants: Alexi Panehal, Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID, Randi Ryterman, Director, WBIGI, Linda Van Gelder, Director, PRMPS, Shaida Badiee, Director, DECDG

Session 1:
 Transforming the Water Sector Through Open Innovation

10:00 Panel 1: Mapping for Transparency & Development for Water

  • Moderator: Julia Bucknall, Sector Manager, TWIWA
  • Speakers:
    • Patrick Meier, Director of Crisis Mapping & Strategic Partnerships, Ushahidi
    • Rosemary Rop, Water & Sanitation Specialist, Africa Region
    • Noel Dickover, Sr. New Media Advisor, US Department of State
    • Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson, Director of Technological Development, Akvo

11:00 Panel 2: Mobile Solutions: Accountability at your Fingertips

  • Moderators: Judy Payne, ICT Advisor, EGAT, USAID
  • Speakers:

12:00 Closing Remarks: Christian Holmes, Global Water Coordinator, EGAT, USAID

Lunch Break Clinics:
 Open Innovations
  • MC4 – 800 - Designing Fast and Beautiful Web Maps using Tile Mill
    • Speaker: Eric Gundersen, DevSeed
  • MC4 – 800 - End to End Transparency
    • Speaker: Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson, Akvo; Pia Erkinheimo, Nokia
  • MC4 – 800 - Actionable Datasets and Visualizations with Ushahidi
    • Speaker Robert Baker, Ushahidi; Meena Palaniappan, Pacific Institute
  • MC6 - 720 - How to Design Open Data Initiatives and Innovations Ecosystems
    • Speakers: Andrew Stott, UK Transparency Board; Ton Ziljstra, EPSI Platform and external experts

Session 2:
 Open Innovation in Public Services Across Sectors
  • Session Chair: Randeep Sudan, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, ICT
  • Keynote speaker: Jonathan Wareham, Dean, ESADE Business School, Barcelona

Panel 1: Strategies and instruments for collaboration & co-creation of public services

This session will explore strategies, management models and platforms promoting multi-sectoral cooperation allowing various communities to benefit from digital initiatives. Usability of instruments like Living Labs and co-creation platforms for service development will be discussed.

  • Moderator: Ilari Lindy, Sr. ICT Specialist, ICT Sector Unit
  • Speakers:
    • Markku Markkula, Aalto University Finland: Strategies and processes for systemic co-creation of digital innovations - importance for local economy.
    • Alvaro Oliveira, European Network of Living Labs - User-driven innovation and value of open platforms in creation of digital services
    • Ton Ziljstra, EPSI Platform - Making open data work for local government: community engagement case

Panel 2: Initiatives helping governments to build and share technologies for better service delivery

Panel will discuss initiatives related to the development ICT-enabled public services and how these can be mobilized to support development objectives such as job creation, service delivery, open government etc.

  • Moderator: Edward Anderson, Innovations Officer, ICT Sector Unit; Randeep Sudan, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, ICT Sector Unit
  • Speakers:

Conclusion and Closing Remarks

  • Stela Mocan, Executive Director, Moldova eGovernance Center
  • Samia Melhem: Sr. Operations Officer, ICT Sector Unit

 The event is brought to you by the ICT Sector Unit and the Open Development Technology Alliance, which is the ICT Knowledge Platform focused on the use of technology for more open and accountable development - a joint effort of TWICT and SDV in SDN, WBI's Innovation Practice, PREM, DEC, HDN, EXT, FPD and multiple external partners. USAID is a core partner in the delivery of the ICT Sector Day this year.
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This event is followed by the
SDN Forum 2012 ICT Learning Days

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