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2012-02 SDN Forum: ICT Learning Days

Begins:   Feb 29, 2012 08:00
Ends:   Mar 01, 2012 16:00



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You can register by clicking on one of the links below (if you are Bank staff) or by contacting one of the following individuals (no registration is needed to watch live webcast):

February 29, 08:00 - 09:30 (J B1-080)
Universal Broadband Service in Rural Saudi Arabia:
Innovations by USF & Operators Close the Access Gap

Saudi Arabia had the leading mobile and computer penetration in the Gulf region, while quality of service and Internet penetration were low. The focus of its universal service and access program was placed on improving service quality and providing universal broadband. With complementary regulatory measures, such as favourable frequencies, the program offers interesting lessons.

  • Moderator: Doyle Gallegos, Lead ICT Policy Specialist
  • Speaker: Andrew Dymond, Managing Director of Intelecon

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February 29, 10:00 - 12:00 (J B1-080)
Mobile Applications for Agricultural and Rural Development

Focus on a recent study which describes global research on mobile applications addressing rural development issues. 92 applications were categorized and analyzed and country case studies document leading applications in Kenya, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. The study describes various business models in the context of the mobile ecosystem in developing countries, and lessons are drawn for measures to support development of a viable mobile application ecosystem.

  • Moderator: Tim Kelly, Sr. ICT Policy Specialist
  • Speaker: Steve Esselaar, Sr. Consultant, Intelecon

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February 29, 12:30 - 14:00 (J B1-080)
Mobile Money: How to Assess m-Money Opportunities and
Why you can't Replicate Kenya's MP

The Four Country Mobile Money Study was commissioned by the IFC and it was designed to increase the understanding of mobile money and to help address key issues such as scaling up and replicability. The study looks at the ecosystem requirements and the business models used by mobile network operators, banks, and others in four developing countries—Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It compares these countries with Kenya and Japan, which have successfully developed mobile money operations, and with the United States.

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February 29, 14:30 - 16:00 (J B1-080)
A Pan-African Perspective Towards ICT Sustainability in Africa

Creating and supporting a Pan-African community of competent, internationally certified IT professionals focused on developing the IT tools for African Agriculture, Business, Education, Health Care, Government and general Social needs.

  • Session Lead: Samia Melhem, Sr. Operations Officer, ICT Sector Unit
  • Speakers:
    • Amadou Daffe, CEO, Coders4Africa
    • Kwame Andah, Director of Marketing Communication, Coders4Africa
    • Ibrahim Cisse, Director of Technology, Coders4Africa
    • Ellwood Kerkeslager, CEO Information Futures

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March 1, 08:00 - 09:30 (J B1-080)
How Could Computing and Low cost internet devices make global e-commerce viable for SMEs in developing countries

Cloud Computing

  • Moderator: Samia Melhem, Sr. Operations Officer, ICT Sector Unit, WB
  • Speaker: Daniel Salcedo, founder and CEO of

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March 1, 10:00 - 12:00 (J B1-080)
Open, smart and Inclusive Development: Can ICT Transform Development?

ICT is diffusing rapidly across the globe, yet its revolutionary potential for development is at a very early stage of realization. Hanna explores this potential in terms of advancing a vision of open, smart and inclusive development. He draws on the experience of some pioneering countries to illustrate their paths and practices and to draw lessons for our client countries.

  • Moderator: Samia Melhem, Senior Operations Officer, ICT Sector Unit, WB
  • Speakers:
    • Nagy Hanna, Sr. Fellow, Centre for Policy on Emerging Technologies
    • Soren Gigler, Senior Governance Specialist, WBI

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March 1, 12:30 - 14:00 (J B1-080)
Open Government: From Data to Information

How do Governments need to manage their information assets in an increasingly open world?
How can Governments, Citizens and International Organizations best use and re-use this information?
The BBL will encourage broad thinking on how the full spectrum of public information assets, from data and statistics to archives and records, can be associated and be made more useful for providing evidence, making decisions, and reporting results. The Session will include a demonstration of an innovative mock up which provides a mashup of the World Bank's Open Data, current project data and archival records in a contextual and meaningful way.

  • Moderator: Arleen Cannata Seed, IMTLA
  • Speaker: Tariq Khokhar of the World Bank Open Data Initiatve, Anne Thurston of the International Records Management Trust, Elisa Liberatori, Chief Archivist World Bank, Anupama Dokeniya, Governance Specialist, World Bank

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March 1, 14:30 - 16:00 (J B1-080)
Role of eID within the eGovernment Strategy

Case will be set forth for how eID in Government, when it is well implemented, can result in greater efficiency, transparency and cost effectiveness.

  • Moderator: Samia Melhem, Senior Operations Officer
  • Speaker: Frank Leyman, Belgian Rep. in eGovernment High Level Group of European Commission
  • Discussant: Mariana Dahan, Consultant, ICT Policy Unit, WB

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