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Harnessing the potential of ICT for transformation across sectors in Senegal

Beneficiary Country:  Senegal
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Project Description:  This proposal seeks support from the KTF to harness ICTs for transformation across sectors in Senegal. The KTF grant would help 1) pilot a collaboration with the Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge and Economy and NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency)  to support Senegal ICT Ministry’s efforts to develop a national ICT strategy to mainstream the use of ICTs for transformation across sectors; 2) develop a pre-feasibility analysis to prepare an ICT component for a sector project focusing on Senegal (World Bank-funded or other) 3) carry out a community mapping exercise to inform the design/ implementation of a World Bank project, leveraging citizen engagement through mobile devices for increased accountability for results.

One of the important gateways to the subcontinent, Senegal was a leader in ICT during the early ‘00s. Throughout this period the country put in place the necessary policy instruments to ease the development of information infrastructure. As a result, telecommunications infrastructure in Senegal is comparatively strong. Access to a submarine fiber optic cable allows for low-cost, high-quality bandwidth compared to neighboring countries. Given this enabling environment the country is now ripe to leverage the growth in mobile communications and demand for technology based services.

An upcoming regional flagship study financed by the African Development Bank’s KTF is identifying opportunities for transformation through ICT in the region and is looking at how ICT can transform different sectors of the economy. The objective of this proposal is to leverage the findings of this study, and bring them to implementation in the Senegal context.

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