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eTransform Africa: The transformational use of ICTs in Africa

Begins:   Jan 10, 2013 08:30
Ends:   Jan 10, 2013 10:00

Africa Region Sustainable Development Department and Information & Communications Technology Department, are pleased to present

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The Transformational Impact of
ICTs in Africa

WHEN: Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 8:30 am to 10:00 am
WHERE: Room JB1-080 - J Building - 701 18th st NW, Washington DC

VC connections:             with Dakar (Dakar 1), Nairobi (Nairobi 3), Kigali (Kigali 2 ) 
                                    and Dar es Salaam (Dar 3) Country Offices - VC# 74431
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(Coffee and Bagels will be provided)

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  • Moderator:
    • Samia Melhem, Regional Coordinator for ICTs, Africa
  • Introductory Remarks:
    • Jamal Saghir, Director for Sustainable Development, Africa Region
    • Shanta Devarajan, Chief Economist, Africa Region
  • Keynote Presenter:
    • Tim Kelly, Principal Author, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, TWICT
  • Discussants:
    • Hon. J.P. Nsengimena, Minister of Youth and ICTs, Rwanda (via VC)
    • Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Permanent Secretary, Kenya ICT Board (via VC)
    • Chris Vein, Senior Manager, TWICT
  • Question and Answers:
    • All Participants (HQ and COs)
  • Concluding Remarks and Wrap up:
    • Shanta Devarajan





The e-Transform Africa report was launched on December 10 with the headline "Information and Communication Technology is Revolutionizing Development in Africa." The report highlights African ICT innovations and home-grown solutions in eight key sectors was produced jointly by the World Bank, African Development Bank, with support from the African Union and a Korean Trust Fund. The editors are Enock Yonazi, Tim Kelly, Naomi Halewood, and Colin Blackman. Support from the World Bank's Africa Region Chief Economist's Office is gratefully acknowledged.

The aim of this joint Africa Region-SD and ICT unit event is to share the findings of the eTransform Africa report with TTLs and technical teams, and discuss how the findings can best be operationalized for optimal development impact. We are confident that the report's findings will find broad resonance with stakeholders across Africa and are delighted that two of our clients - from Rwanda and Kenya - will be joining us to share their experiences, insights, lessons learnt and implications for public policy makers and business leaders.

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