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A High-Level Experts, Leaders, and Practitioners (H.E.L.P.) group comprising influential leaders and government CIOs was established in 2010 to advise the government of Moldova on e-transformation policies.

Following the success of the Moldova Governance e-Transformation Project, the World Bank has initiated a program to leverage HELP for e-Transformation in other countries.

The HELP program will support government leaders in identifying and catalyzing high-impact projects to support smarter development, economic growth, and poverty reduction. It will target countries with a strong interest in leveraging ICT-enabled approaches such as open government data, cloud computing, mobile apps, microwork, and open innovation.

The HELP group of experts, the so-called Leaders Network, will support developing countries by leveraging best practices from countries with successful e-Transformation initiatives.  This will be done through tele-consultations and in-country workshops.

On February 28, 2013 the World Bank convened a Smart Solutions ministerial-level HELP event during ICT Solutions Day 2013  with the participation of delegations from Ghana,Kazakhstan,Nicaragua,Philippines, and Rwanda.

Following this event, and in response to requests from governments, the World Bank is organizing HELP Roadshow events in various countries and regions.

Smart Rwanda Days

SMART Rwanda ThumbThe World Bank ICT Unit and the Rwandan Ministry of Youth and Information and Communication Technology co-organized the Smart Rwanda Days in Kigali, Rwanda on June 17-18, 2013. The event aimed to follow-up on and deepen the ICT Solutions Day dialogue, creating concrete proposals and outlining an action plan for their implementation.

The workshop started with a high-level roundtable and then discussed the perspectives of a smarter future for Rwanda. The event continued with ten sets of parallel breakout sessions designed to address problem statements from each vertical sector prioritized by the Rwandan Government: Smart Schools, Smart Healthcare, Smart Job Creation, Smart Farmer, Smart Governance, Smart Business, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Environment, Smart Girls, and Smart Kigali.

The second day was dedicated to producing ideas on how to use smart "enablers" - such as Open Data, shared services, shared ICT infrastructure, skills and capacity building, and legal and institutional framework - to address these problems in new, innovative, and immediately available ways. At the end of this exercise, ten "Quick Win" solutions that coud be implemented in the coming months were formulated, in addition to longer term solutions.

The workshop also intended to continue good communication and knowledge sharing on the topic of Smart Rwanda with other development partners, key public and private sector stakeholders and other interested parties. A crowdsourcing campaign had been launched ahead of the event in order to engage with a broader community of experts in the smart solutions co-creation effort for Rwanda.


May 2-3, 2013 | Press Release | Agenda (pdf)


HELP Mongolia

On May 2nd and 3rd, the Cabinet Secretariat and Information Technology, Post and Telecommunications Authority of Mongolia, jointly with World Bank and the HELP grant support program, organized a SMART Government Days event at the Parliament House in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

This 1.5 day event was designed to support the Government of Mongolia in achieving the Government's objective of greater competitiveness, transparency and citizen engagement. A total of 200 participants exchanged ideas and explored the latest technology enablers to co-create smart solutions across the sectors of Mongolia.

The event was attended by high level officials from the Cabinet Secretariat, Parliament, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Mining, CIA, ITPTA, Central Procurement agency, UB City office, Decentralization office, National Statistics Office (NSO), Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), National Data Center (NDC), UB City IT Department, “11-11” center, Intellectual property agency, General Authority for State Registration, and the National IT Park, as well as Presidential Advisors, Donor representatives, Civil society members, University and Private sector representatives.


ICT Solutions Day

February 28, 2013 | Visit the Event Page 

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ICT Solutions Day was a day-long session where client countries and internal and external experts came together to get hands-on experience in developing Smart Solutions using information and communications technologies (ICT) to tackle development challenges. 

This event was centered around leveraging the best global thinking to explore the power of collective intelligence and the latest technology enablers to co-create smart solutions across the sectors.

Selected countries presented their challenges and the audience, together with experts, engaged in design thinking – a client-driven, open, collaborative process of building up meaningful ICT-enabled solutions that will address the challenges in a new way.

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