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Event - Jan 10th 2007

E-Development Thematic Group, ITSLC Quickstart and infoDev



M-Government: Enabling Better Service Delivery with Mobile Technologies

Perspectives and lessons from the public and private sectors



Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD, Commission on Information and Communications Technology, Philippine government

Michal Zalesak, Managing Director, “Web Projects”

Holly Ladd, VP and Center Director, AED-SATELLIFE


Randeep Sudan, Senior ICT Policy Specialist, World Bank

Michael Trucano, ICT & Social Sector Innovation, infoDev


Samia Melhem, Senior Operations Officer, World Bank


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This seminar is designed to discuss the role mobile services, in particular mobile government services (mGovernment), can play for World Bank operations in developing and transition countries.


Mobile services can be an important extra component in delivering the benefits of electronic services. Mobile technology takes electronic services and makes them available via mobile technologies such as mobile phones, laptops and PDA’s. By using wireless transmission methods it is possible, in certain circumstances, to bypass the need for traditional physical networks such as telecommunications infrastructure. By taking advantage of the portability of these devices and the ability to connect previously unconnected areas, public information, government and other services can be made available to citizens and officials at anytime and in a wider variety of locations. As the drive towards more mobile devices and faster rates of data transfer become possible, more will be both possible and expected from mobile services.


Our speakers will provide an outline of the wide range of mobile services being developed and deployed around the world in many different sectors. They will also show the necessary factors for service development and most importantly the possible benefits for all the parties involved.


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