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Begins:   Aug 14, 2007 13:15
Ends:   Aug 14, 2007 14:00

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Why the humble mobile phone is universally popular across cultures,
why illiterate phone users are smarter than me (and probably also you),
how the streets from Kampala to New Delhi innovate
in ways that are close to impossible to design for, by:

Jan Chipchase, Nokia Design


When: Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Time: 1:15 to 2:30 PM
Venue: F L-109 (IFC building )


Jan Chipchase shares insights and experiences from his research for Nokia on "the collision of people, society and technology" meant to inform, inspire and affect how his colleagues think and what they do, and to help turn social science research into core intellectual property that will underpin the future business of Nokia.  If he does his job right, his research will impact the new applications, services and products that you'll be using 3 to 15 years from now.

About the Presenter

Jan Chipchase is a Principal Researcher at Nokia Design, and is one of a team of researchers and anthropologists working at Nokia. Based within the design organization at Nokia, his job is to study people around the world -- how they behave, communicate and interact with each other and the things around them.

He shares his observations and insights with Nokia designers, who often accompany him on field trips, helping them to create new ideas for how mobile devices will look, work and will be used in the future. Most of his time is spent in the field conducting research projects. This takes him out onto the streets, into people’s homes and public spaces to observe, document and analyze the rich tapestry of everyday life. Recent projects include visiting Uganda to look at shared phone use, several trips to India to look at how design can make mobile devices more accessible to people with low or non-existent levels of literacy, and a study in South Korea looking at how early adopters were reacting to the then recently launched mobile TV.

Jan has a Masters in User Interface Design, and a degree in Development Economics. He is based in Nokia’s Insight and Innovation Studio in Tokyo, his home since 2000. He has had three patents -- with a further 25 pending -- on topics that range from interaction methods, ubiquitously connected societies and seamless communication.

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Feedback and Audience

"Excellent, very new stuff for me and out of my comfort zone...
(the speaker is) obviously an expert on the topic" 
--- Anonymous

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