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About Our Special Coverage

Our Special Coverage features areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that may have a significant impact and risks on development in general. Please click on our menus on the left for resources on the following topics:

1. m-Government

Mobile services can be an important component in delivering the benefits of electronic services via mobile technologies such as mobile phones, laptops and PDA’s. They also offer the possibility of bypassing traditional physical networks for communications and collaboration, and the ability to connect previously unconnected areas, information, and services from the government.
2. Anti-Corruption

Public management reforms constitute a core instrument in making governments more efficient and effective in serving societies’ needs. A number of approaches for public management administration have evolved over the past decades, especially with regards to the anti-corruption agenda. Particular innovations and practices have been successful in improving the transparency and accountability in public service delivery. Amongst these innovations, ICT is increasingly being recognized as one of the most promising tools for tackling corruption.

3. e-Security

ICT is becoming increasingly pervasive in development projects, and is often cited as a tool to reduce corruption and improve the efficiency of government services. However, there are growing risks that are often ignored. Those risks include fraud, theft, impersonation, denial of service, etc, are growing exponentially with technology opening up new dimensions of depth, scope, and timing. As a result, e-security is becoming a significant challenge for developing and transition countries, especially for those that are ill-prepared to deal with technology.

We will expand the topics and resources as they become pertinent and accessible, please visit us regularly for updates.

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