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Low-cost ICT devices in Education: Hope, Hype and Heuristics

Begins:   Nov 03, 2008 15:00
Ends:   Nov 03, 2008 16:30

World Bank Human Development Forum Event in collaboration with the  e-Development Thematic Group and infoDev


Low-cost ICT devices in Education: Hope, Hype and Heuristics

A conversation with Larry Cuban, Kentaro Toyama, Jan Chipchase and Leigh Linden

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Monday, November 3 - 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Washington DC time




The seminar was a lively discussion with distinguished expert practitioners from widely divergent backgrounds and areas of expertise who will help us explore historical perspectives on technology use in education, especially in the leading example of the United States, new and innovative directions in technology geared to address pressing needs in developing countries, how ethnographic research with multinationals is transforming the way technology products and services are being developed for use in low income communities around the world, and what the data can tell us about the impact of technology use in education.

We explored what is happening today in developing countries with regard to low cost laptops, the explosion of mobile phones and "web 2.0 technologies" with a focus on the historical perspective, and what this might (and might not!) mean for the future of education.

  • Larry Cuban, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and author of 'Oversold & Underused: Computers in the Classroom'

One of America 's leading education historians, widely considered the leading expert on of the history of education technology use in the United States

  • Kentaro Toyama: Assistant Managing Director, Microsoft Research-Bangalore & Leader, Technology for Emerging Markets Group

Focuses on the development of sustainable, appropriate technologies for use in educaiton, health and other social sectors in emerging markets

  • Jan Chipchase, Principal Researcher, Nokia Design

Known widely as the 'cellphone anthropologist', leads teams of designers, ethnographers and anthropologists in-the-field

  • Leigh Linden, Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Affiliated with the MIT Poverty Action Lab, author of notable randomized evaluations of the impact of ICT use on education outcomes in India (with an randomized evaluation in preparation on Colombia , working with HDNED's Felipe Barrera)


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