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Service Delivery & Electronic Identification (eID)


How National ID Cards and Other eID Applications can Improve Service Delivery

 8:00 - 1:30 pm ET, May 7, 2009

1818 H Street, NW Washington DC and 12 other cities

See Live Coverage at Blog (Part 1Part 2Part 3) and Twitter

The live webcast has been recorded and can be now watched at these links: Part 1:Global Dialogue and Part 2:Training Workshop (Real Media version) and here (scroll to bottom for Starbak Windows Media version at 56 kbs bitrate, with chat and slide show).

Article on the Workshop by Shailly Kedia published on One World South Asia website.

Part 1: Global Dialogue Workshop for Country Clients

(8:00 - 10:30 am, Washington DC time, GMT - 4 hours)   Agenda   

Part 2: Training Workshop for World Bank Staff

 (11:00 am - 1:50 pm Washington DC time, GMT - 4 hours   Agenda 

You can participate in Washington DC or one of the following locations:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India,  Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, Grenada

or online via live webcast or social media (Twitter, Facebook etc).

Attention Twitter users: hashtag for "Service Delivery & Electronic Identification (eID)" was #eID09

Program Description

Governments are looking for ways to deliver services to citizen more efficiently and effectively, while addressing equity, access, security and privacy considerations.  Citizen electronic identity cards and other secure identity applications are quickly becoming the preferred solution to ensure that government benefits are reaching the right people in a secure and cost effective manner.

World Bank and our partners organized this workshop to help learn how electronic identification (eID) cards and other secure identification technologies are being used to improve governance and service delivery in areas such as social benefits and health.

The seminar featured case studies from Belgium, Estonia, Pakistan, and other countries.  Discussions focused on the implementation considerations for eID cards and lessons learned to date. For instance, critical success factors are often neglected and overemphasis is put on hardware and software.  The objective of this workshop is to engage in an international dialogue on opportunities and challenges of eID implementation and the role of the World Bank Group in this context. 

This workshop is part of the Public Sector Governance Knowledge and Learning Forum 2009 and of the broader Government Transformation Initiative (GTI), a collaboration of World Bank with the private sector.  The initiative focuses on building capacity of government leaders to pursue ICT-enabled public sector transformation.  The GTI will develop and promote viable business models and best practices through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and training events. A project development facility to support selected Governments in setting up the enabling environment and initiating concrete related projects will complement the activities.

Participating countries:  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Mozambique, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, Grenada. World bank Country

Opening and Closing Remarks:  

  • Samia Melhem, Chair, e-Development Thematic Group, The World Bank (Workshop Chair)
  • Ernesto May, Sector Director, South Asia Public Sector Governance, The World Bank
  • Nick Manning, Sector Manager, Latin America Public Sector Governance, The World Bank
  • Joel Hellman, Sector Manager, South Asia Public Sector Governance, The World Bank
  • Han Fraeters, Manager, Knowledge Exchange, World Bank Institute
  • Laurent Besancon, Senior ICT Policy Specialist, Global ICT, The World Bank



  • Global Overview: Bill Nagel, Analyst, Forrester Research   download presentation
  • Pakistan Case Study: Ali Arshad Hakeem, Chairman, NADRA  (Part 1)   download presentation  (Part 2)    download presentation 
  • Belgium Case study: Frank Leyman, Manager International Relations, FEDICT, Belgium  download presentation
  • Estonia Case Study: Tarvi Martens, Development Director, SK - Estonian ID Agency and Arvo Ott, Chairman, e-Governance Academy, Estonia   download presentation
  • Jose Edgardo Campos, Advisor, World Bank Institute

       Speakers' Profiles          



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The event is co-sponsored by The Institute of the Information Society (Russia), Estonia e-Governance Academy and many other partners.

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