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Mobile Applications - Foresight for next generation of e-services for inclusive development

Mobile Government is fast becoming the next inevitable e-direction for the m-government, m-education and m-health practices. One of the reasons for this is the spread and success of mobile/wireless applications and services all around the world. This provides an opportunity for the World Bank, client governments, industry and academia to exploit these new developments and enhance m-services implementations and enable the paradigm shift towards inclusive services for next generation.

Many countries in the world have taken a lead in implementing the mobile based solutions for enhancing the reach of public services to a larger section of the society especially the people in the remote areas. The innovative application deployed selected countries  globally can serve as best practice examples for the countries willing to deploy mobile solutions for enabling Government@24/7.

The World Bank’s “India e-Development Thematic Group is hosting a workshop on June 26, 2009 at The World Bank Office from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm for developing a foresight on the potential of mobile applications. The key experts from Government, NGOs, Academia, telecom companies and application services providers are invited to showcase the innovative applications/initiatives. Special presentations based upon the research work will be made by The World Bank Group.

India e-Development Thematic Group is preparing a compendium of the innovative mobile applications/ initiatives in India and abroad which will be shared with the participants of the workshop as a resource document. Selected initiatives will be provided an opportunity to make presentations and share their experiences during the workshop. In case your organization is involved in or is in the knowledge of innovative initiatives in the domain of

 Inclusive Financial Services
 m- Public services
 m-learning/education services
 m-heath services
 m-agriculture services

You are requested to send the information to the undersigned. The information will be included in the resource document to be distributed to the participants of the workshop.

The deliberations will serve to enhance the awareness and understanding about the tremendous potential of mobile, wireless and new media technologies in transforming the delivery of information and transaction services to citizens in future. 

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