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Moldova eTransformation Forum: Enabling e-Transformation and Global Competitiveness of Moldova



World Bank Press Release

Main Conclusions from e-Transformation Leadership Roundtable 

Event Highlights

Matt Laar, Former Prime Minister of Estonia
John Suffolk, Government CIO, UK
Philippe Dongier,  ICT Unit, Sector Manager, World Bank
Anthony Townsend, Director Technology, Institute for the Future

The world around us is witnessing change at an accelerating pace. This presents a scenario of increasing complexity and risks, but also affords great opportunities and potential benefits. Governments will need to actively spot emerging trends in order to position themselves to enhance competitiveness, capture market opportunities, spur innovation and minimize risks. Countries will need to anticipate and embrace change in order to profit from it.

New information and communication technologies are an essential part of the emerging future. Moldova aspires to leverage such technologies for catalyzing growth, spurring innovation and transforming governance. In this context it seeks to benefit from the insights of leading international experts and thought leaders in identifying emerging trends, and developing strategies for the future. Moldova was the first country to join the World Bank's e-Transform initiative and is benefiting from the experience and expertise of leading e-government practitioners and experts from around the world.

The Government of Moldova in partnership with the World Bank now proposes to conduct a workshop with a select group of international experts in order to understand emerging ICT trends, foster new thinking, develop new perspectives and challenge existing mindsets.


August 12, 2010


9:00-10:30 a.m. Special Session on the Singaporean e-Government Experience (TBC)


With the participation of Senior Government officials, private sector and other relevant stakeholders.


Presentations by:


Mr. Chin Siong Seah, CEO, IDA Singapore: Looking ahead, looking across and looking again and Mr. Sebastian Foo, Executive Consultant, IDA International, Singapore.


e-Transformation Leadership Roundtable

Moderators: H.E. the Minister of State, Mr. Victor Bodiu and
Mr. Philippe Dongier, Sector Manager, Global ICT Department, the World Bank

11:15-11:30  Welcome and Introductions by H.E. the Minister of State, Mr. Victor Bodiu
YouTube2 download video  

Opening Remarks

H. E. the Prime Minister of Moldova, Mr. Vladimir Filat 
World Bank President, Mr. Robert Zoellick YouTube2 download video   YouTube2 download video


11:30 -12:30 Session 1: Leading Transformational Change

Keynote address: H.E Mart Laar, Former Prime Minister of Estonia, Member of
the Estonian Parliament

Policy Dialogue with 
Mr.Robert Zoellick, World Bank President  YouTube2 download video
Mr.John Suffolk, Gov. CIO, Cabinet Office, UK Government e-Transformation YouTube2 download video
 YouTube2 download video YouTube2 download video 
Mr.Anthony Townsend, Dir. Technology
 Dev. Institute for the Future, USA YouTube2 download video
Mr.Andrea Di Maio, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research YouTube2 download video
Mr.Chin Siong Seah, CEO, IDA Internatinal, Singapore YouTube2 download video

Session 1 will discuss leadership challenges and issues in designing and
implementing transformational change, in the context of harnessing the power of
information and communication technologies. What steps can the Moldovan
leadership take to stimulate broad-based support for this transformation?


12:30- 13:00 Coffee  Break

13:00-14:00 Session 2: The Future of Government Transformation through ICT

Mr. John Suffolk, Government CIO, Cabinet Office, UK Government e-Transformation   YouTube2 download video 

Session 2 will discuss how ICT will catalyze government transformation in the next 10 years and the emerging trends.   download presentation

Policy Dialogue and Q&A

14:00-15:00 Session 3: Focusing on the Future: Competitiveness through Knowledge and

Mr. Anthony Townsend, Director of Technology, Institute for the Future
  download presentation


Comment on the Singaporean experience by Mr. Chin Siong Seah, CEO, IDA International. 

Session 3 will discuss the emerging eco-systems for knowledge and innovation, strategies and approaches that governments should consider for enhancing country competitiveness and growth.

Policy Dialogue and Q&A

15:00-15:15 Concluding Remarks

H.E. the Minister of State, Mr. Victor Bodiu (TBC) and  YouTube2 download video
Mr.Philippe Dongier, Sector Manager, Global ICT Department, the World Bank YouTube2 download video

15:15 – 15:30  Coffee Break

16:00-18:00 Special Session on the UK e-Government Experience (Focus on Government Cloud and Government Applications Store)

With the participation of relevant Government officials

Moderators: H.E. the Minister of State, Mr. Victor Bodiu (TBC) and Mr
Philippe Dongier, Sector Manager, Global ICT Department, the World Bank

Presentation by Mr. John Suffolk, Government CIO, Cabinet Office, UK 
YouTube2 download video    YouTube2 download video YouTube2 download video   download presentation

Policy Dialogue with Ms. Dona Scola, Deputy Minsiter of ICT; Ms. Stela Mocan,
Advisor to the Prime Minister

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World Bank and Singapore Partner with Moldovan Government to Advance Moldova's eTransformation


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