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EVOKE -- A Platform for Social Innovation



The EVOKE summit will bring together social innovators from around the globe who successfully participated in the World Bank created   massive multi-player game called EVOKE (   EVOKE is a new platform for social innovators to support dialogue and action on global development challenges.  Funded by InfoDev and the Korean Trust Fund on ICT for Development, the game generated enormous interest with over 178,000 unique visitors and just under 20,000 players from over 150 countries who registered for the game.  The innovative gaming techniques at the heart of the platform fostered over 23,500 blog posts, 4,700 photos and over 1,500 videos during this 10 week run.  EVOKE has also garnered significant media attention, including a seven-minute story on CNN, which you can view at

To get a sense of the EVOKE game, see the trailer at:

Summit highlights include the following:

EVOKED -- a review of 12 of the most innovative ideas to emerge from the game.

Ushahidi in Action -- Caleb Bell and Brian Herbert share how the Ushahidi platform is being used around the world to crowdsource information.

The Future of Museums -- Elizabeth Merritt from the Center for the Future of Museums talks about trends in art and information

Evaluating EVOKE -- Ed Gaible will share his findings from the evaluation of the EVOKE game
Adventures in Innovation -- A panel chaired by Aleem Walji will include Derek Lomas who will talk about $10 computers in India; Steve Vosloo will share his experience with m-novels in South Africa; and Gene Becker will talk about ubiquitous media and ponder the question "if the world is our platform, what is our creative medium?"

How to Forecast the Future -- Jane McGonigal from the Institute for the Future will talk about how to think about and plan for the future.

Workshops on "Leading Collaboration into Action"; "Designing Social Innovation Prototypes" and "Thinking like and Entrepreneur"

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