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Revolutionary approach to directly engage 2.1 billion people with mobile texting


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Almost half the world – over 3 billion people – lives on under $2.50 a day.  Whilst only 18% of people in the developing world have internet access, more than 50% own a mobile phone and that number is growing fast. Many of the world’s poor view their phone as an indispensable tool.

Nathan Eagle, CEO of txteagle, will present crowd sourcing tasks and compensation to the world’s poor via mobile phones. Working with over 220 mobile operators, txteagle is able to reach 2.1 billion subscribers in 80 countries. Txt Eagle splits a survey or a translation task into micro-small chunks to distribute to the "contract workers" through mobile texting and can compensate work with mobile money or air-time minutes. The company has its own algorithm to verify the data accuracy of the resulted work. Offering the largest contract-labour force in Kenya already Mr Eagle explores new ways of using it. Applications will focus on engaging citizens in conducting surveys for impact assessments, monitoring and service verification in rural locations of developing countries.

Join us for this BBL seminar organized by the ICT Sector Unit in cooperation with the WBI Innovation Program.

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