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e-Government: How ICT applications enhance accountability

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This session on e-Government will include discussion of how the implementation of ICT applications can enhance accountability and delivery of public services, including e-democracy and electoral modernization solutions in developing countries.

SCYTL’s eDemocracy Platform is an adaptable tool that uses technology to enhance communication among stakeholders. It allows informed decision-making and an immediate evaluation of satisfaction of the decisions and their impact on the targeted population. SCYTL develops Electronic Voting Solutions using secure cryptographic protocols and investigates its application to society as well as assessing the impact or popularity of policy decisions among affected communities.

Information on organizers: 

This BBL is organized by the Technology for Accountability (T4A) community of practice, which is part of the ICT Knowledge Platform (externally known as Open Development Technology Alliance), and is led in partnership by the ICT Unit, the World Bank Institute and SDV-DFGG . The T4A community of practice aims to bring together communities within and outside of the Bank that have an interest in technology-enabled interventions to improve accountability of public services and citizen engagement to support demand-side good governance. Through this community of practice, we aim to provide members with news updates on relevant events and activities, and facilitate connections and knowledge sharing with a view to support the mainstreaming of innovative technologies into World Bank operations and client country activities.

The ICT Knowledge Platform, externally known as Open Development Technology Alliance (ODTA) is one of the Knowledge Platforms established by the Bank to support our reform agenda. The platform is a joint initiative by the World Bank Institute and the Information and Communication Technology Unit of the World Bank, and aims to improve the delivery and quality of public services and enhance accountability by leveraging innovation, knowledge, and technology from social innovators, technology companies, and civil society. ODTA supports open development and the integration of technologies to give citizens’ voice and improve accountability over public service delivery through knowledge products, applications and expert connections.

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 Cecilia Paradi-Guilford ' + 1(202) 473 4265 or Marta Priftis ' + 1(202) 473-0975)

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