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Opening Up Development: How Can Countries Start and Run Open Data Ecosystems?

to expressions of interest from World Bank country clients, we are pleased to announce a Global Dialogue on the role of Open Data in opening and transforming governance.


In 2011 50 countries made public commitments to the principles of Open Government: transparency, accountability, and citizen participation as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) -- a new global initiative for better governance. 41 OGP countries, including many World Bank clients, are in the process of defining the scope of their commitments and Open Data is expected to be key part of these country action plans.


WE WILL HOST an exchange between two countries that have successfully embarked upon an Open Data agenda--Moldova and Kenya--and countries interested in the potential and challenges of such an initiative (including Albania, Honduras, Macedonia, Rwanda, Ukraine and others).


OPENED by Sanjay Pradhan, World Bank Institute Vice President, the event will feature personal reflections from leaders in Kenya, Moldova and FYR Macedonia. Following these reflections, we will host a discussion on the importance of developing Open Government Data Ecosystems for the success of Open Government initiatives with participants in Washington DC and worldwide via video conference, live webcast and Twitter.


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9:00 – 9:15 a.m.


Sanjay Pradhan, Vice-President, World Bank Institute

Moderator: Neil Fantom, Manager, Development Economics, World Bank

9:15 – 9:40 a.m.


Victor Bodiu
, Government Secretary General, Moldova

Bitange Ndemo, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications, Kenya

Ivo Ivanovski, Minister of Information Society and Administration, FYR Macedonia

9:40 – 10:20 a.m.


Developing Open Data Ecosystems – Randeep Sudan, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, World Bank (download presentation)

The Case of Kenya – Al Kags, CEO at Goode Communications
 download presentation

The Case of Moldova – Irina Tisacova, Open Government Coordinator at eGovernment Center
  download presentation


Robert Hunja, Manager, Open Governance Practice, World Bank Institute

Theresa Pardo, Director, Cente for Technology in Government, SUNY at Albany

10:20 – 12:00 a.m.


Q&A Panel –All Speakers




Closing and Key Takeaways
Randeep Sudan, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, World Bank
Aleem Walji, Manager, Innovation Practice, World Bank Institute

Useful Open Data Resources

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This event was organized by the Open Data Innovations Network (ODIN), a Community of Practice under the Open Development Technology Alliance (ODTA). ODTA is a joint initiative by the World Bank Institute and the Information and Communication Technology Unit of the World Bank and other internal and external partners created with the objective to enhance accountability and improve the delivery and quality of public services through technology-enabled citizen engagement, leveraging innovation, knowledge, and technology from social innovators, technology companies, and civil society. ODTA supports open development ecosystems and the integration of technologies to give citizens’ voice and improve accountability over public service delivery through knowledge products, applications and expert connections.

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Contact for country and webcast participation:


During this event Open Development Technology Alliance launched 6 reports for public consultation!

Open invitation for feedback: The World Bank wants to hear your views on five new research papers launched under the Open Development Technology Alliance. The papers consider the relevance and transferability of Open Data for development and how to empower citizens through ICTs. Read the papers and join the discussion.


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