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Project Highlights

Tunisia Information and Communication Technologies Sector Development Project - The Project is designed to assist Tunisia in promoting the development of its ICT sector by: (a) supporting ICT institutional and sector reforms; (b) improving its e-security mechanisms; (c) developing e-government applications; and (d) promoting the participation of the private sector in the ICT sector.

Mongolia - Information and Communications Infrastructure Development Project - The project's long-term development objectives are to: (a) significantly increase the coverage and use of relevant ICT service s among the rural population through an incentive program designed to encourage the participation of private operators in the rural segment of the ICT market; and (b) increase private sector participation in the delivery of e-Government services, thereby improving public sector utilization of ICT.

Ghana - eGhana Project - The objective of the Project is to assist the government to generate growth and employment by leveraging ICT and public-private partnerships to i) develop the IT Enabled Services industry, and ii) contribute to improved efficiency and transparency of selected government functions through e-government applications.

Rwanda - eRwanda Project - The key objective of the project is to improve (i) efficiency and effectiveness of some internal processes of the Government of Rwanda, and (ii) the delivery of services in selected key sectors including better access to information through the use of technology. 
The Project will complement existing activities by the World Bank and other development partners, in particular in the social sectors and in rural development. It draws heavily from the fundamental building blocks lain in the Public Sector Capacity Building Project (PSCBP) in the areas of basic support of government functions, improvement of service delivery, and capacity building.

OECS E-Government for Regional Integration Program - The overall development objective of this regional project is to promote the efficiency, quality, and transparency of public services through the delivery of regionally integrated e-government applications that apply economies of scale. Participating countries in the region are Dominica, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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