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IC4D Data & Methodology

IC4D 2009
IC4D Data and Methodology

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The World Bank ICT at-a-Glance country tables present the most recent country-specific ICT data drawn from many sources.

The data in the tables are categorized into four sections:

  • Economic and social context provides a snapshot of the country’s macroeconomic and social environment. (Data Sources: UNESCO and World Bank)
  • ICT sector structure provides an overview of regulatory and policy status in the telecommunication sector. (Data Sources: ITU)
  • ICT sector efficiency and capacity provides an overview of the sector's revenue in the country's economy (Data Sources: ITU and World Bank)
  • ICT sector performance provides statistical data on the ICT sector with indicators for access, quality, affordability, institutional efficiency and sustainability, and ICT applications. (Data Sources: Global Insight/WITSA, IMF, ITU, Netcraft, Telegeography, UN Comtrade,  UNDESA, UNPAN, Wireless Intelligence, and World Bank)

Definitions and Sources and Country classification are also provided.

Custom Reports

Click on the image to create you own reports by country, region(s), series, and time span. Custom reports can be exported as Microsoft Office Excel files.


Country ICT Performance Measures

A total of 150 developing and developed economies with a population greater than one million are included in the calculation of the country ICT performance measures. These measures are calculated using the Average Percentile Method and assess ICT capacities in three dimensions:

  1. Access to ICT services
  2. Affordability of ICT services
  3. Adoption of ICT applications in government and business

ICT Performance Measures: Methodology and Findings PDF (493Kb)

ICT Performance Measure Table PDF (427Kb) Available June 30

Underlying Data Set PDF coming soon...


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