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The Web4Dev community is designed for members of central Web teams from UN-family organizations, international development agencies and International development NGOs. Members have access to a list-serve and a community site where members can post documents, launch discussions, contact other members, etc.

The May 9-11 Conference titled "Telling the Development Story to the World," included representatives from the Bank, UN agencies, regional lenders, and NGOs that work on development issues. It was a continuation of a Bank-initiated effort to provide a forum for examining technologies and techniques that can assist international development organizations to communicate their ideas and engage the public through the Internet. In addition to the formal agenda, Conference discussions will also work toward shaping a plan of action that will guide future work of the Web4Dev community.

The first Conference, also in Washington in November of 2003, set the stage for greater cooperation and sharing of information among the teams, which are responsible for managing and directing the major sites of their organizations. The community, now known as Web4Dev, has since grown to include over 250 members from 75 organizations and each organization has typically about 2-3 representatives.

Are copies of the speakers’ remarks available?
The presentations of the speakers and panelists, the sessions summaries, as well as the archived video files are now available on the Proceedings Section.

Who attended the Web4Dev Conference?
Participation in the Conference was for members of the Web4Dev community only. For more information, contact Soren Gigler.






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