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Legal Vice Presidency Annual Report FY 2011

This annual report, the first for the Legal Vice Presidency, comes during what is proving to be a time of great dynamism within the World Bank. The member countries have in the past few years faced myriad food, financial, and economic crises, as well as natural disasters and conflicts.  

WBLegalReview3_180The World Bank Legal Review: Law, International Financial Institutions and Global Legal Governance, Volume 3, 2011

The global financial crisis, state fragility, uneven development,
and environmental degradation demand coordinated
responses from many actors, including states, international
financial institutions (IFIs), corporations, nongovernmental
organizations, and community groups.








TS24-25 World Bank

World Bank Legal Reviews and Studies  

The World Bank Legal Review: Law, International Financial Institutions and Global Legal Governance, Volume 3, 2011
Hassane Cissé, Daniel D. Bradlow and Benedict Kingsbury (Editors)

Out of Court Debt Restructuring 
Private Sector Development, Finance & Infrastructure, Legal Vice Presidency, November 2011

World Bank Group Sanctions and its Recent Reforms
Anne-Marie Leroy and Frank Fariello, September 2011

Human Rights and Climate Change: A Review of the International Legal Dimensions
Siobhán McInerney-Lankford, Mac Darrow, Lavanya Rajamani, January 2011


Environment, Natural Resources and International Law

Stakeholder Consultations in Investment Operations : Guidance Note | Mongolian
Maninder Gill, Alberto Ninio, November 2011 

Addressing the Legal and Regulatory Barriers in Developing Countries
Charles E. Di Leva, Morita, Sachiko and Tao, Yuan. IN: Carbon Capture and Storage in Developing Countries: a Perspecti ve on Barriers to Deployment, Chapter 4, Energy and Mining Sector Board Discussion Paper, Paper No. 25, June 2011.

Rising Global Interest in Farmland: Can it Yield Sustainable and Equitable Benefits ?
Klaus Deininger and Derek Byerlee, with Jonathan Lindsay, Andrew Norton, Harris Selod, and Mercedes Stickler, January 2011

Legal Aspects of Sharing and Management of Transboundary Waters in South Asia: Preventing Conflicts and Promoting Cooperation 
Kishor Uprety and Salman M. A. Salman. IN: Hydrological Sciences Journal, 56:4, 641-661, 2011

AH-GH061108_4645  World Bank

Finance Sector Development, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks   

No Two Snowflakes The same: The Distributional Question in International Bankruptcies
Jose M. Garrido, 31 p. ; 26 cm. Reprint of: 46 Texas international law journal 459, Summer 2011

Insolvency Regimes: Developing an Analytical Framework in Meeting Legal and Regulatory Challenges for Islamic Finance 
Sau Ngan and James Seward. IN: Effective Insolvency Regimes: Institutional, Regulatory & Legal Issues Relating to Islamic Finances, Islamic Financial Services Board, March 2011

A Global View of Business Insolvency Systems 
Jay Lawrence Westbrook, Charles D. Booth, Christoph G. Paulus and Harry Rajak, January 2011


FYR Macedonia-08153300011-  World Bank

Infrastructure and Private Sector Development, Legal and Institutional Reforms  

Business Interests Under Attack in Cyberspace: Is International Regulation the Right Response? David Satola and Henry L. Judy, Business Law Today, The ABA Business Law's Section Online Resource, December 2011

Towards a Dynamic Approach to Enhancing International Cooperation and Collaboration in Cybersecurity Legal Frameworks: Reflections on the Proceedings of the Workshop on Cybersecurity Legal Issues at the 2010 United Nations Internet Governance Forum David Satola and Henry L. Judy, 2011

Russia and Brazil: Learning Each other's Experience in Attracting Foreign Investment to Energy Sector 
Alexey Morozov, March 2011

NG013S19 World Bank

Justice Reform 

Contesting Development: Participatory Projects and Local Conflict Dynamics in Indonesia 
Patrick Barron, Rachael Diprose, and Michael Woolcock , Yale University Press, 2011

Customary Justice and the Rule of Law in War-Torn Societies 
Deborah Isser, Editor, United States Institute of Peace, July 2011

Preventing Corruption in Prosecution Offices: Understanding and Managing for Integrity
Heike Gramckow, No.15, 2011

Justice Development Programming in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Areas: Perspectives of Two Leaders in Justice Administration
Abdul Salam Azimi and Christiana Tah, No.14, 2011

Justice for the Poor Publications 
























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