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Legal Associates - Class of 2005




Rahul Agarwal

Rahul is an Indian national assigned to the Finance, Private Sector and Infrastructure Practice Group. He has an LLB from National Law School of India University and an LLM from Harvard Law School. His work experience includes interning at the Chambers of Mr. A.S. Chandhiok at the Delhi High Court and clerking at the Chambers of Chief Justice V.N. Khare of the Supreme Court of India.


Jordi Agusti-Panareda

Jordi, a Spanish national, is joining the Corporate Administration Practice Group. Jordi holds a Doctorate and a Masters in Science of Law degrees - both from Stanford Law School - having written his dissertation on the topic of cross-cultural mediation. He also holds an LLM from London School of Economics and an LLB from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He previously collaborated with the Socio-Legal Research Group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and was a consultant for Intercultural Mediation Programs in town halls and county councils in Spain.


Adrian Di Giovanni

Adrian, a citizen of Canada and Italy, is joining the Judicial Reform Practice Group. Adrian holds a BA in Philosophy from McGill University, an LLB from University of Toronto and an LLM from New York University School of Law. Prior to joining the Legal VPU, Adrian worked in human rights law as a Young Professional International for the Canadian Bar Association helping to design and manage a nation-wide survey and needs assessment on legal aid in Uganda. He also worked for one year in a large corporate law firm in Toronto. As a law student, Adrian worked at several organizations dealing with refugees issues, including the Refugee Law Office, Legal Aid Ontario and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Adrian is a member of the Bar of Ontario.


Katharina Gamharter

Katharina, an Austrian national, is joining the Latin America and Caribbean Practice Group. She holds a PhD in Law and a Masters from University of Vienna as well as an LLM from Harvard Law School. Katharina has previously interned at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva and has served as a research and teaching assistant at the Europainstitut at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. She is fluent in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English and has published several articles on TRIPS Agreement and EU law.


Maya Abi Karam

Maya hails from the Cedars’ land (Lebanon). She is assigned 50 percent in Cofinancing and Project Finance Practice Group and 50 percent in the Procurement and Consultant Services Practice Group. Maya received her law degree (Maîtrise) as well as her D.E.A in International Law from the University of Paris II Pantheon-Assas. She also has an LL.M from New York University School of Law. She previously worked at the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications as a legal advisor.


Danielle Malek

Danielle, an Australian national, is assigned to the Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development and International Law Practice Group. Danielle has an LLM from Harvard Law School and an LLB from University of Sydney. She also holds a PhD from the Faculty of Arts of University of Sydney and a BA in Literature, Modern European History, Philosophy and Law from the same university. Prior to joining the Legal VPU, she served as a national delegate for the National Native Title Tribunal at the Sydney Registry in Australia and worked at the Australian Department of Defence.


Marjorie Mpundu

Marjorie, a Zambian national, is assigned to the Africa Practice Group. Prior to joining the Legal VPU she was a lawyer in private practice in Zambia. She has worked at the Zambia Investment Center and the Zambia Revenue Authority. Marjorie earned her LLB from University of Zambia. Additionally, she possesses two LLM degrees from University of Manchester and Cornell University. She is licensed to practise law in Zambia and in New York State.


Benard Ndau

Benard, who is joining the Legal VPU after five years of private practice as litigation counsel with Savjani & Co in Malawi, is assigned to the East Asia and Pacific Practice Group. He earned his LLB degree from Chancellor College of the University of Malawi in 1999 and his LLM from Georgetown University Law Center in May 2005. Benard is a Malawian national and has previously served as the president of Civil Liberties Committee, a Malawian human rights NGO.


Monica Restrepo

Monica, a Colombian national, is assigned to the Cofinancing and Project Finance Practice Group. Prior to joining the Legal VPU, she was a lawyer in private practice in Bogotá, Colombia and Washington, DC specializing in cross-border acquisitions, divestitures and project financing. Monica has an Abogada (a JD equivalent) from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and an LLM from Georgetown University Law Center.


Xinxin Yang

Xinxin, a Chinese national, is assigned to the Operational Policy Practice Group. After receiving her LLM degrees in both China and U.S. (Peking University, LLM ’99 and Yale Law School, LLM ’00), she joined the Ford Foundation’s Law and Rights Program in Beijing, where she spent three years working on the Clinical Legal Education and Legal Aid Initiative. After that, her passions for law and international development led to her cross-disciplinary study at the Woodrow Wilson School in Princeton. She recently earned her MPA in International Development and Public Policy from Princeton.

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