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About the Legal Vice Presidency

The Legal Vice Presidency provides all legal services required by the Bank and the International Development Association. In performing this task, the Legal Vice Presidency utilizes its own staff of more than 100 lawyers and retains outside counsel when required. The Legal Vice Presidency plays an active role in all the Bank's activities, including borrowing and lending operations, cofinancing arrangements, the Bank's relationship with other international organizations, Management's relationship with the Board of Governors and the Executive Directors, as well as personnel and other administrative matters such as representation of the Bank before the Administrative Tribunal.

Another key role of the Legal Vice Presidency is to help ensure that all of the Bank's activities comport with the institution's charter, policies and rules. At the same time, through advice, consultation and teamwork with other units of the Bank, the Legal Vice Presidency assists in the formulation and drafting of new policies and rules, or the evolution of existing ones, so as to ensure at all times an internally coherent framework that best serves the interests of the institution and its members as a whole.

The Legal Vice Presidency is headed by the Senior Vice President and World Bank Group General Counsel who is assisted by two Deputy General Counsel.  While the Vice Presidency operates as one integrated unit, there are four regional practice groups: 1) Africa; 2) East Europe and Central Asia and Middle East and North Africa; 3) East Asia and Pacific and South Asia; and 4) Latin America and the Caribbean and eight thematic practice groups: 1) Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development and International Law; 2) Justice Reform; 3) Private Sector Development, Finance and Infrastructure; 4) Operations Policy; 5) Corporate Finance; 6) Co-financing and Project Finance; 7) Institutional Administration; and 8) Resources and Administration.

Last updated: 2012-02-02

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