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Update on the Implementation of the LHI Action Plan

Facilitating the Use of Shared Model Documentation in Joint Operations

The Working Group on Shared Model Documentation in Joint Operations held its second meeting on December 11, 2008 by audio/video conference. 

Review of Matrix of DP Policies and Instruments. The participants reviewed a matrix comparing the key policies and instruments of development partners relevant to joint financing operations, and agreed that the matrix would be a useful starting point for the task of developing a joint guidance note, as it would help the Working Group identify commonalities and differences in their policies, which would in turn allow for a structured, in depth discussion of policy, legal and technical issues. Working Group members agreed to provide, if they had not already done so, their inputs to the matrix.

Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). Consensus was reached to keep the RRM informal until common guidance to which legal and policy focal points could refer has been developed. For now, contact information for focal points should only be shared among LHI participants and the focal points themselves.

Interim Measures. In the interim, to help facilitate the negotiation of joint financing arrangements and thereby reduce transaction costs, NORAD, SIDA and the World Bank agreed to share with the Working Group a list of the standard exceptions they require when negotiating memoranda of understanding (MOU) and similar joint documents. The Working Group will reconvene after the issues note has been circulated.

Last updated: 2009-05-26