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The Nature of Law Newsletter, June 2011



June 2011

Message from the Chief Counsel

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 2011 second edition of The Nature of Law.  We in LEGEN continue to strive to bring you recent information relevant to law and the Bank's commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable development.   This edition highlights LEGEN's recent legal work related to carbon capture and storage, our training program, a report from Carbon Expo, and the product of our collaborations with safeguard colleagues to improve through clarification the existing safeguard policies.  As always, we would greatly appreciate your suggestions and comments.

Charles E. Di Leva
Chief Counsel, Climate Change, Sustainable Development and International Law

Alberto Ninio
Chief Counsel, Environmental and Social Safeguards





Carbon Expo, Barcelona, June 1-3, 2011
Charles Di Leva and Victor Mosoti

From June 1 until June 3 more than 2.600 participants attended the annual Carbon Expo event, held this year in Barcelona. The event is an annual showcase for attendees around the world and the World Bank is a co-sponsor. This year's key note speaker list included Andrew Steer, the World Banks' Climate Change envoy and Christiana Figueres, the head of the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC). At the opening ceremony, Andrew Steer spoke at length emphasizing the link between climate change and development. In his remarks, he also highlighted the World Bank’s role in innovating on carbon and climate finance and on market-based instruments, including support to emerging markets in getting ready for a global carbon market through the Partnership for Market Readiness. But he was also clear that confidence in the carbon markets was low with the decline in the size of the market, legislative disappointments in the US, Australia and Japan as well as fraud and irregularities discovered in the EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS).  More  

Carbon Capture and Storage Workshop - Perspectives for the Balkan Region
Yuan Tao 

On May 4-5, 2011, the workshop Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Perspectives for the Balkan Region was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The workshop was organized and supported by the World Bank and the World Bank CCS Capacity Building Trust Fund.  The aim of the workshop was to provide an update on the current status of the progress of the economic sector work (ESW) of the CCS Trust Fund, including the legal and regulatory review of current frameworks related to CCS in the Balkan region. More 

Clarifications to the Bank’s Policies on Environmental Assessment (OP 4.01), Involuntary Resettlement (OP 4.12) and Bank Financing (BP 6.00)
Beth Hoffman

A Memorandum, dated February 24, 2011,  from the President to the Executive Directors was circulated that recommended a number of clarifications to OP 4.01, OP4.12 and BP 6.00 (Annex A).  The Memorandum was circulated to the EDs on a no-objection basis. The Memo proposed a number of clarifications to the Bank’s policies in the light of operational reviews. The clarifications are meant to provide better guidance to Bank staff and reflect new instruments previously not mentioned In the policy(ies).  Furthermore, the Memorandum notes that the clarifications “…are unrelated to and would not interfere with the forthcoming broader safeguards updating and consolidation process that the Board has approved.  More  



Safeguard Seminars for World Bank Staff

LEGEN kicked off a series of monthly, lunchtime seminars related to recurrent issues in Bank-financed project. The topics of these seminars has been the role of Consultation in Bank-financed projects, the Role of the Bank Lawyer in Inspection Panel Cases, and OP 7.50 – International Waterways. To date, more than over 90 counsel have attended the first three seminars. 

The Safeguards Seminars will take a summer break, and resume again in September. The upcoming sessions include:

  • Joined by the Hip: The Concepts of Linked/Related/Ancillary/Associated Activities in the Bank's Safeguards Policies? September 8, 12-2 pm, MC 6-100
  • Show me the Money:  Eligibility and Compensation - What does the Bank policy on Involuntary Resettlement require? September 29, 12-2pm, MC 9-100
  • Show me Everything: Disclosure, Safeguards and the Bank's Access to Information Policy, October 13, 12-2pm, MC 6-100
  • Identity Crisis? Indigenous Peoples: An overview of how indigenous peoples are defined from region to region, November 17, Location TBD











The Environment and International Law Unit of the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency (LEGEN) provides advice to the Bank on all environmental and international legal and policy issues related to Bank-financed, implemented and/or supported projects.

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