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Infrastructure and Private Sector Development, Legal and Institutional Reforms


Business Interests Under Attack in Cyberspace: Is International Regulation the Right Response? David Satola and Henry L. Judy, Business Law Today, The ABA Business Law's Section Online Resource, December 2011

Towards a Dynamic Approach to Enhancing International Cooperation and Collaboration in Cybersecurity Legal Frameworks: Reflections on the Proceedings of the Workshop on Cybersecurity Legal Issues at the 2010 United Nations Internet Governance Forum 
David Satola and Henry L. Judy, St. Paul, MN: William Mitchell College of Law, 2011. 59 p. ; 26 cm. Reprint: 37 William Mitchell Law Review 1745, 2011

Russia and Brazil: Learning Each other's Experience in Attracting Foreign Investment to Energy Sector  
Alexey Morozov, Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence Vol. 9 Issue 2, March 2011

Telecommunications Reform in Developing Countries    
David Satola with Ann Buckingham, Camilla Bustani and Tim Schwarz, Chapter 16. IN: Telecommunications law and regulation, 3rd Ed, Ed. By Ian Walden, Oxford 2009

Establishing an Enabling Legal and Regulatory Environment    
David Satola (co-author). IN: China’s Information Revolution—Managing the Economic and Social Transformation, The World Bank, 2007

Legal Aspects of Internet Governance Reform  
David Satola. IN: Information Polity, Vol. 12, IOS Press, 2007

The Potential for an International Legal Approach to Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
David Satola and William J. Luddy, Jr. IN: Jurimetrics, vol. 7, No. 3, American Bar Association (Section on Science and Technology), Spring 2007

Information Security Strategy—A Framework for Information-Centric Security Governance  
David Satola (co-author), The Open Group and the American Bar Association (Section of Business Law), 2007

Dispute Resolution in the Telecommunications Sector: Current Practices and Future Directions
David Satola (contributor), February 2006

Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems 
David Satola (co-author), The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, 2005

Creating the “Right” Enabling Environment for ICT
David Satola, in E-development: From Excitement to Effectiveness, Chapter 2, November 2005

Open Source Software—Alternatives to the Challenges of Software Procurement and Development ?Philip D. Gray and David Satola, 2003

Transforming a Postal Infrastructure: The Case of India Post
Nagavalli Annamalai (co-author),June 2002

Telecommunications Legislation in Transitional and Developing Economies
Tim Schwarz and David Satola, 2000

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