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Colloquium on Environmental Justice, Access to Information and Public Participation, July 5, Washington, DC


The Colloquium on Environmental Justice, Access to Information and Public Participation – and how this issue was addressed in the Rio +20 Conference -- will honor the late Professor Svitlana Kravchenko's work on environmental governance and her scholarship, as she authored more than 190 academic articles and published 8 books, the most recent of which was co-authored with Professor John Bonine and entitled Human Rights and the Environment. Assistant Attorney General, Ignacia S. Moreno, of the US Department of Justice will provide the keynote address.


Law, Justice and Development Week 2012 - Opportunity, Inclusion & Equity, December 10-14, Washington, DC  

LJDWeek2011The Law, Justice and Development (LJD) Week 2012 will explore the potentially transformative role of effective law and legal institutions in providing people with more opportunity that is both inclusive of underserved populations and equitable.

To explore this theme, LJD Week 2012 will bring together World Bank Group staff, senior officials from other international financial institutions, international development practitioners, government officials, lawyers, judges, scholars and representatives from civil society.  LJD Week 2012 will be a World Bank Group-wide event co-organized by the World Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency, IFC and MIGA Legal Departments, and ICSID, in addition will host the formal launch of the “Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development” and dedicated sessions led by its Thematic Working Groups.  


Global Forum for Law, Justice and Development



The Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD) will fill a gap by providing an innovative and dynamic international system of knowledge exchange to connect World Bank Regions & Networks, client countries, think-tanks, regional and international organizations, International Financial Institutions, and civil society organizations with relevant research and practice to improve development outcomes. The project provides targeted audiences a coherent, sustained program of collaborative research and special pilot projects to accelerate knowledge dissemination and use.

Sixty-eight partners (International Organizations, International Financial Institutions, Academia, Judiciary, Central Banks, Civil Society Organizations, and Foundations) have joined the initiative.




Legal Vice Presidency Annual Report FY 2011


World Bank Legal Review and Studies


Environment, Natural Resources and International Law


Finance Sector Development, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks


Infrastructure and Private Sector Development, Legal and Institutional Reforms


Justice Reform


Legal Vice Presidency Strategy: Strengthening the Role of Law




















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