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Program Overview

Established in 2009, the J4P program in Nigeria is working to develop innovative and context specific justice programming to improve accountability for the delivery of basic social services and enhance access to justice.

Areas of Engagement

The J4P program in Nigeria focuses on two program areas: first, the program works to improve the delivery of basic health services through implementing and evaluating innovative legal empowerment initiatives. Second, the program strengthens the ability of poor and vulnerable groups in Kaduna State to effectively enforce their rights through increased access to improved legal aid services.

Legal Empowerment and the Provision of Basic Health Services
The J4P program is working closely with the World Bank Nigeria Country Team to evaluate how legal empowerment programs can help to strengthen the relationship between users, governments and service providers in the provision of basic health services in Ondo, Nasarawa, and Adamawa states. The project is supporting mechanisms to pursue remedies for breaches of rights to these basic services and improving information collection and sharing to strengthen service delivery.

Access to Legal Aid Services in Kaduna State
Partnering with the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, the J4P program is working to improve access to legal aid services in Kaduna State. Current project activities include:

  • Establishing legal aid centers in Kaduna state to expand civil legal aid services to communities in rural and urban areas;
  • Building the capacity of legal aid providers including community based organizations, traditional and religious leaders, bar association, young attorneys, and government institutions;
  • Supporting awareness and advocacy campaigns to help poor and vulnerable communities better understand their rights and available legal aid services; and
  • Developing robust baseline data of the unmet needs of poor and vulnerable groups in Kaduna state.

Partnership and Dialogue 

J4P works with local partners, including the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, to conduct context specific empirical research that forms the basis for evidenced-based policy dialogue and reform.

Last updated: 2012-02-03

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