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State-Supported Community Justice Workshop - Perspectives



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Monfred.jpgMonfred Sessay, Acting Principal State Counsel and Customary Law Officer, Law Officers' Department, Sierra Leone
Monfred Sessay is the Acting Principal State Counsel and Customary Law Officer for the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, located at the Law Officers' Department in Bo District.  In this video he describes the role of Local Courts in Sierra Leone and explains what it is like to work in the dual justice system.  Launch video interview


Laisa.jpgLaisa Masuhud Alamia, Program Manager of Women for Justice in the Bangsamoro, The Philippines
Attorney Laisa Masuhud is the program manager of Nisa Ul-Haqq Fi Bangsamoro (Women for Justice in the Bangsamoro).  She also serves as Coordinator of the Bangsamoro Lawyers’ Network, an NGO-member of the Mindanao Human Rights Action Center. Women for Justice in the Bangsamoro works across state and non-state justice systems and in this interview Laisa discusses innovations in access to justice made in the Philippines.  Launch video interview.


Madola.jpgChief Madoda Zibi, Director of Diversity, Equality and Human Rights, The North-West University (retired), South Africa
Chief Madoda Zibi is both a traditional leader and a retired academic from South Africa, where he was the Director of Diversity, Equality, and Human Rights at The North-West University.  In this video Chief Zibi describes how the chieftaincy is changing in South Africa and contends that South Africa is at a cross roads when it comes to the administration of justice.  Launch video interview


Ambrose.jpgAmbrose Bugotu, Acting Paramount Chief, Isabel Council of Chiefs, Solomon Islands
Ambrose Bugotu is the Acting Paramount Chief of the Isabel Council of Chiefs.  In this video Ambrose describes the role of Local Courts in Solomon Islands and how they relate to the chieftaincy system. Launch video interview.


Rhoda.jpgRhoda Geita, Chairlady, Kilakila Village Court, Papua New Guinea 
Rhoda is from Kilakila Village where she serves as the Chair Lady of the Kikakila Village Court.  Rhoda became a Village Court Magistrate in Kilakila Village Court in 1997 and Chair Lady in 1999.  In this video, Rhoda discusses the process by which her court in Papua New Guinea receives cases and describes the principles of justice the Village Court seeks to uphold. Launch video interview.


Hauwa.jpgHauwa Ibrahim, Lawyer from Nigeria and Visiting Lecturer at Harvard University
Hauwa Ibrahim is the lead attorney with a team working to promote human rights for women in Nigeria.  In this capacity Hauwa has won a number of precedent-setting cases before Islamic Shariah courts in Northern Nigeria.  She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Harvard University.  Launch video interview.



Henry Keme, Chairman, Evadaha Village Court, Papua New Guinea
Henry Keme is a Village Court Magistrate in Papua New Guinea.  In this interview Henry discusses the role of Village Courts in his community.  Village Courts are the lowest level of the justice system in Papua New Guinea and he works to incorporate custom into his decision making.  Launch video interview.


Jimmy.jpgChief Jimmy Meamedola, Island Court Justice, Efate Island Court, Vanuatu
Chief Jimmy Meamedola is an Island Court Justice of Efate Island Court and a chief in Vanuatu.  Chief Meamedola has presided over predominantly land cases and chiefly title cases in the Island Court and also serves as a Customary Land Tribunal Assessor.  In this video chief Meamedola describes Vanuatu’s Customary Land Tribunal and the Island Courts.  Launch video interview.


Linda.jpgLinda Tule Rau, Village Court Magistrate, June Valley/Tokarara Village Court, Papua New Guinea
Linda Tule Rau is a Village Court Magistrate at June Valley, Tokara Village Court in the National Capital District of Port Moresby. Linda is the first female magistrate in her court, having been appointed in 2005.  In this interview Linda discusses her work as a Village Court magistrate and how Village Courts interact with community members in her village. Launch video interview.



Josephine Teakeni, Director, Vois Blong Mere, Solomon Islands
Josephine is the Director of Vois Blong Mere Solomon, a national NGO women’s media organization based in Honiara. She is a trained community paralegal and a member of the West Are’Are Rokotanikeni Association (an indigenous women’s organization of the West Are’are Constituency, Malaita Province).  In this interview Josephine discusses the role of women in the hybrid justice system of Solomon Islands. Launch video interview.  


SOL_User.jpgPat Tomu, a user of the Auki Local Court, Solomon Islands
In 2010, Pat Tomu, from the village of Dala North in Solomon Islands, used the Auki Local Court to challenge an individual’s ownership of tribal land.  Pat previously took the case to a chief, but decided to turn to the Local Court because he believed that the chiefs had no ‘legal backing’ to resolve the case.  Pat describes issues of corruption and delay and makes recommendations on the reform of Local Courts in Solomon Islands. Launch video interview


Merilyn.jpgMerylyn Tahi, Founding Member of the Vanuatu Women’s Center, Vanuatu
Merylyn Tahi is a founding member of the Vanuatu Women’s Center.  In this interview she discusses her work with women seeking justice in Vanuatu’s hybrid justice system.  Women face many challenges in accessing justice including limited reach of the formal system and cost.   Launch video interview.


VanuatuCourtUser.jpgIsland Court User, Vanuatu
The user describes his experience with a Vanuatu Island Court, which began nearly 30 years ago.  In 1984 an investor came to his village and was interested in setting up a hotel on the island of Kakula.  The party describes the process of filing the case with the Island Court in 1984 and waiting until 2005 for the case to begin.  Launch video interview


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