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Specific Justice Reform Strategies


Law and justice reforms can be undertaken from various angles, depending on the development goals the projects aims at achieving. The identification of the development goal has considerable implications for the choice of strategy and project components. Four major entry points for law and justice reform are (1) Improving Access to Justice for the Poor, (2) Private Sector Development,  (3) Fighting Corruption, and (4) Justice Reform in Fragile States. This section provides information on each of these entry points to law and justice reform.

1   Access to Justice for the Poor

Access to Justice Movement
Measuring Need for Legal and Judicial Services
Barriers to Access to Justice
Strategies to Overcome these Barriers

   Legal Empowerment
 Legal Information and Public Awareness
 Right to Court Access
 Legal Aid
 Pro Bono Work
 Public Interest Litigation
 Small Claims Courts
 Informal Justice Systems

Lessons from Developed Countries

2   Private Sector Development

Contract Enforcement

3    Fighting Corruption

Core Laws to Fight Corruption
Role of Courts to Fight Corruption
Fighting Judicial Corruption

    Justice Reform in Fragile States

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