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Law Commissions

Law commissions have been established in many countries to recommend improvements in statutory laws. The creation of a well functioning law commission often requires specific enabling legislation, careful selection of members, the establishment of effective support staff, a clear methodology, links with similar organizations around the world, and proper research tools and facilities. Given the important role that legal drafting and revision processes play in supporting the rule of law, law commissions can be an important resource to be considered in strengthening a country's legal system.

United Nations Law Commission

This website contains information on the Commission’s purpose, schedule of activities and reports. It is in English and French.


Overseas Law Reform Sources

This website includes links and contact information for law reform sources from around the world. It is maintained by the Australian Law Reform Commission.


Venice Commission

The European Commission for Democracy through Law, better known as the Venice Commission, has played a leading role in the adoption, in Eastern Europe, of constitutions that conform to the standards of Europe's constitutional heritage.


International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy

This website contains extensive information about the Centre’s projects and events as well as access to publications and related links.


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