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Prosecutors have the primary duty to file criminal cases in courts and present arguments to prosecute the defendant. In some legal systems, prosecutors will advise or even supervise the work of the police or other evidence-gathering institutions, and they will also enforce the judgments of a court. Prosecutors enjoy a wide variety of statutory positions; some are private lawyers that prosecute public cases, others are civil servants under the executive, and still others enjoy the independence of a quasi-judicial status. This page showcases a number of prosecutorial offices and describes their attributes.

United Nations Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors

The United Nations have adopted guidelines in 1990 to assist Member States in their tasks of securing and promoting the effectiveness, impartiality and fairness of prosecutors in criminal proceedings. They provide guidance, among other things, on qualifications, selection and training of prosecutors, their status and conditions of service, their role in criminal proceedings, alternatives to prosecution and disciplinary proceedings.


International Association of Prosecutors

Information on membership and events as well as full text on-line availability of reports, papers on best practices and standards, and newsletter.



Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution

Extensive information on the function and activities of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution’s Office as well as access to prosecution policy, reports, press releases, and speeches.



Office of the Attorney General

Information on the Office of the Attorney General in Brazil (Procurardoria Geral da Republica). In Portuguese.



Hungarian Association of Prosecutors. In Hungarian and English.



Official site for Indonesia’s Prosecution Service. In Bahasa Indonesia and English.



Official site for Macedonia’s Office of the Public Prosecutor.


Directorate of Prosecutions for the Primorsky Region

Information on activities, full text on-line availability of publications and reports, and access to select legislation, comments on law, crime statistics, and articles from Vladivoskok News. In Russian.

Slovak Republic

Official site for the Slovak Republic’s Office of the Public Prosecutor.



Official site for the Uganda Directorate of Public Prosecutions.


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