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Legal Education


1  Legal Training

2  Continuing Legal Education

Legal Training

Legal training ensures that legal and judicial reforms contribute to changing the attitudes and behaviors of lawyers and citizens. For this reason, legal training should be an integral part of legal and judicial reform strategies that are anchored on the rule of law and reflect a country’s societal values. Legal education strengthens professionalism, builds public confidence, and facilitates consensus and momentum for further reforms. Legal education also improves the performance of legal professionals, enhances service quality and stimulates public respect. As a result, training programs should be designed not only to enhance performance but also to instill the values of impartiality, professionalism, competency, efficiency and public service.

American Law Schools

An exhaustive list of links to accredited law schools in the United States is provided on this site, which is maintained by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Entrance exam information, law school rankings, and other pertinent admission information is also available.


Association of American Law Schools

Founded in 1900, the AALS is a non-profit association of 164 law schools. The purpose of the association is "the improvement of the legal profession through legal education." As the learned society for law teachers it is legal education's principal representative to the federal government and to other national higher education organizations and learned societies. AALS makes a number of publications available, presents conferences throughout the year, and files amicus curia briefs in cases of importance to its mission.


Canadian Law Schools

Comprehensive list of links to accredited law schools in Canada.


China: Sun Yat-Sen University, School of Law and Political Science

Brief description of the law school.


The European Law Students' Association (ELSA)

ELSA is an independent association of law students and recent graduates who are interested in law and have demonstrated commitment to international issues.


Global Alliance for Justice Education

Information on this justice through education advocacy organization, including information on membership, conferences, and links.


HG Law School Worldwide Directory

Provides contact information for hundreds of law schools around the world.


Israel: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law

Information about the law school, including details on research activities and how to access publications. In Hebrew and English.


Japan: Tohoku University, School of Law

Information about the law school. In Japanese and English.


Kenya School of Law

Links to legal education centers in Kenya, inlcuding the University of Nairobi Law School. Additional links include legal education centers in Uganda and Tanzania.


Manual on Street Law - Type Teaching Clinics at Law Faculties


Nigerian Legal Education

Provides an overview of education and other requirements necessary to practice law in Nigeria. Includes contact information for Nigerian law schools.


Peru: Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Peru Facultad de Derecho

Information about the law school and its programs. In Spanish.


UK Centre for Legal Education

The UK Centre for Legal Education supports best practice in learning, teaching, and assessment in law.


United States Law Schools and Legal Courses

This Jurist site, aimed at law students, has links to all U.S. law schools and a number of online law lectures using streaming video. It lists information on 281 web sites for individual law courses including reading lists and related materials for the courses.


University of Zambia School of Law

Information about the law school. Under construction.

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Continuing Legal Education

Continuing Legal Education and training programs enhance and update the skills of legal professionals. Programs for the legislature, judiciaries, executive branch, prosecutors, public defenders, media, legal profession, and the public can also instill the values of impartiality, professionalism, competency, efficiency, and value of public service and support legal and judicial reform.

ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education

Offers information and insights into the latest Continuing Legal Education, provided in a variety of vehicles such as videoconferencing, webcasting, and teleconferences.


American Law Institute-American Bar Association

ALI-ABA, a provider of continuing legal education in the United States since 1947, offers a comprehensive curriculum of post-admission legal education courses, course materials, video and audio tapes, satellite broadcasts, books, magazines, computer disks, electronic publications, plus much more.


The Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA)

ACLEA is an incorporated, nonprofit association with over 500 members representing over 200 providers of continuing legal education, devoted to providing educational opportunities and professional interaction for its members.

link is a directory of Canadian legal resources, providing links to websites on continuing legal education and other topics.


The Center for American and International Law

The Academy of American and International Law provides opportunity for people from outside the United States to study American and international legal and business institutions, with an emphasis on American legal institutions and process. The Academy is business oriented and addresses a wide range of law-related commercial transactions.


Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia

CLE is a source of continuing professional education for British Columbia lawyers and their support staff.


HG Worldwide Law Events Calendar

Directory of continuing legal education, conferences, and related events. Search by date, type of event, topic, or location.


NZLS Continuing Legal Education

List of courses offered by the New Zealand Law Society.


UK Centre for Legal Education (UKCLE)

The UKCLE supports best practice in learning, teaching and assessment in law.


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