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Rule of Law and Development

Law Reform

Law Making

Legal Framework for the Justice Sector

Sector Specific Laws

Justice Reform

Reforming Courts and the Judiciary

Judicial Independence and Accountability

Court Delay
Case Management
Enforcement of Judgments
Judicial Councils
Integrity Measures

Specialized Courts
Small Claims Courts

Court Premises 
Information and Communication Technology
Human Resources
Financial Resources

Reforming other Justice Institutions

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal Education and Training

Legal Professionals



Entry Points for Law and Justice Reform

Access to Justice for the Poor

Legal Empowerment
Legal Information and Public Awareness
Right to Court Access
Legal Aid
Pro Bono Work
Public Interest Litigation
Small Claims Tribunals
Informal Justice Systems

Private Sector Development

Fighting Corruption

Anticorruption Laws
Access to Information
Control of Administrative Discretion

Performance Evaluation

Performance Measures

Empirical Research

Court Statistics

Benchmarks and Comparative Data

Projects and Activities

World Bank Activities

Other Donors’ Activities

Project and Reform Evaluations



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