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Bilateral Donors



Ministry of Finance (Site principally in German)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Development/Cooperation. General information on goals regarding the democratic, economic, social and ecological development of the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC 1) and the Newly Independent States (NIS 2), as well as their integration into the global economy (including public administration, democracy and human rights).


Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Development partnerships with Australia are listed by world region and by country: Each description includes details about the problems facing each region and the main focus of Australia's aid programs.

Key aid sectors

Australian Managing Contractors

ACIL Australia

No specific project information is provided at this site, however, there are brief descriptions of the projects that have been undertaken in the many different sectors and countries. 

International Projects

Sagric International Pty Ltd.

Description of projects carried out in the governance sector are divided into three categories-Political Governance, Economic Governance, and Administrative Governance. Also included are statistics such as the start date, funding agency, number of staff used, and value of services provided. Also included are the aims of the project, and (if the project has already been completed) the extent to which these aims were met.

GRM International

There is information about GRM International as well as current opportunities in projects they handle.

ITC International


Administration Général de la Cooperation au Development (AGCD)

Assistance is broken down by partner countries.


Canadian International Development Agency

Department of Foreign Affairs

International Trade Canada


Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Summary of the Danish Government's review of Denmark's official development assistance and environmental assistance to the developing countries.



Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation


Agence Francaise de Developpement

Projects searchable by country or by sector.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development


German Association for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation

This site is mainly in German, some English.

Friederich-Ebert Stiftung

Site is mostly in German, with no project information.


Department of Foreign Affairs/Development Cooperation Division (Ireland Aid)

Development Cooperation Ireland

Overview. General information on topics for assistance, goals, and implementation. No web-based resources on project activities.


Ministry of Affairs/Directorate General for Development Cooperation


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Official Development Assistance: Development Assistance programs listed by region, category, and policies. Reports listed in archive.

Category: Democratization

System Building. Description of study seminars, training, technical assistance.


Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Cooperation


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Economic Affairs

No information on legal technical assistance


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation (NORAD)


Spanish Agency for International Cooperation

Site is in Spanish only.


Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Divided into thematic priority areas, countries, and humanitarian aid categories (panes within window-no specific addresses).

Rule of Law, Justice Sector Reforms and Development Cooperation

In 2008, the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) has published a 23 page concept paper to clarify and update SDC's position on the topic of "rule of law, justice sector and development cooperation" and provide guidance to its staff and partners. Part one tries to identify the essential elements of the rule of law. Part two deals with the trends and challenges of the integration of the rule of law in legal and judicial reform projects and programs. Part three illustrates the rule of law dimension in the legal and judicial programs and in other areas of development cooperation through examples from SDC's experience.

United Kingdom

Department for International Development (DFID)

United States

The Ford Foundation

Global Offices: Various country sites describe legal reform programs in those regions.


Initiatives in Law and Justice: Includes legal reform programs. Network programs are intended to promote cooperation and information sharing among the organizations in the Soros foundations network programs.

Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative.

Open Society Institute: Institutes worldwide (including New York, Baltimore, Brussels, Budapest, and Paris) provide administrative, financial, and technical support to national foundations and also operate independent programs. Program descriptions include expenditures.

Open Society Justice Initiative: Programs on all of the following: Legal Education, Human Rights, Judiciary Reform, Access to Justice, Police Reform, Criminal Justice, International Criminal Court, Media, Transparency and Corruption. Brief program descriptions provided.


Economic Growth and Agricultural Development: General profile of department.

Legal and Institutional Reform: Gives general overview of activities in legal sector, including documents from recent rule of law conference.

US Department of Commerce

General information on DOC, with information on national economic development programs only.

US Department of Justice

Provides overview of activities of the DOJ, focusing on the US.

US Federal Trade Commission

Provides general description of the activities of the FTC. Highlights services within US.

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Provides general description of the activities of the SEC. No information on legal technical assistance.

US State Department

Broad web site on US foreign policy.

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: Site contains general information on the types of activities carried out by the Bureau, including legal technical assistance.

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