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Legal Information and Public Awareness


Legal Information

The complexity, scope and sheer number of legal rules has long since outweighed the capacity of individuals to master them. In addition, poor people are rarely literate in legal matters. However, the protection of rights requires access to legal information and, this in turn enhances their effectiveness. This page highlights sources of law for international instruments, laws, court decisions, rules and regulations, legal opinions and doctrinal comments, legal news, and law journals. It also links to institutions working on public awareness campaigns.



Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

Site containing links, lectures, articles and general information on Islamic and Middle Eastern law.



Links to laws by topic, continuing education information, sample forms, and other legal reference material. Site focus is on the US, but it does include a significant collection of links to international legal resources.


Global Legal Information Network

GLIN is a a database of laws, regulations, and other complementary legal sources. The documents included in the database are contributed by
the governments of the members from the original texts, and are deposited in a server presently located at the Library of Congress of the United States of America.


World Legal Information Institute

The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility developed collaboratively by the numerous Legal Information Institutes and other organisations. It provides access to worldwide law.



African Law E-Library

Extensive links to national laws, comparative law, public international law, Africa-specific international law, and human rights with additional links to financial institutions, treaties, and dissertations, and to issues related to political science and international relations. In French and English.



Organization of American States - Department of International Law

The Department of International Law is a division of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs and, among other functions, renders advice and legal services to the OAS. It also acts as Secretariat of the Inter-American Juridical Committee and as depository of Inter-American multilateral treaties and of bilateral agreements celebrated by the Organs of the OAS with American States or with other Inter-American organs or national entities of countries that are members or observers.



Algerian Law Portal

Access to current events of legal interest as well as full text on-line availability of numerous public and private laws. Partially under construction. In French and English.



Australasian Legal Information Institute

The Australasian Legal Information Institute provides free internet access to Australian legal materials. AustLII's broad public policy agenda is to improve access to justice through better access to information.



Belarus National Centre of Legal Information

Official site for the dissemination of legal information for Belarus. Includes access to the legislation database and provides current news about legal acts. In Russian and English.



Access to Justice Network, Canada

Comprehensive access to Canadian law and legal services. In English and French.


Canadian Legal Information Institute

CanLII is a permanent resource in Canadian Law in the field of public and free distribution of Canadian primary legal material.



Hong Kong Legal Information Institute

The HKLII is a free access to legal information system developed and jointly operated by the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law and the Australasian Legal Information Institute. Its mission is to provide free access to primary legal materials from Hong Kong by use of technology that is both easy to use and powerful in the diversity of materials that it covers.



Council of Europe

Information on the COE’s activities to improve access to law.




Provides access to over thirty databases of Finnish legal documents owned and updated by the Finnish Ministry of Justice, in both their original form and translated into English.



Lithuanian Legal Information Center

Access to official Lithuanian legal databases as well as full text on-line availability of some legal documents translated into English.



Macedonian Legal Resource Center

Comprehensive listing and full text on-line availability of Macedonian laws. In Macedonian and English.



Legal Information System of the Federated States of Micronesia

Provides access to laws and other legal authority of the Federated States of Micronesia, including the constitutions, statutes, selected court rules and decisions, and selected rules and regulations.



Nigerian Laws

Complete listing of Nigerian laws since 1990 with partial availability of full text on-line.


Pacific Islands

Pacific Island Legal Information Institute

PacLII is produced and published by the University of the South Pacific School of Law with assistance from the Australian Legal Information Institute. The system is based on data obtained from countries is the South Pacific by USP School of Law.


Papua New Guinea

NiuMedia Legal Information Network

Fee-based access to databases containing information on laws in Papua New Guinea, the Caribbean, and Tasmania.



Philippines Laws, Statutes and Codes

Site maintained by the Chan Robles law firm, containing links to large amounts of full text Philippine law.



Ukrainian Laws and Legal Matters

Useful links to legal databases, full text on-line availability of laws, information on bar associations and institutions, access to legal publications, and other information pertinent to Ukraine.

United Kingdom

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Provides access to freely available British and Irish public legal information.

United States of America

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute

Extensive access to legal documents from around the world in a searchable format.

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Law Revision Commission

Information about the CNMI legislature, judiciary, and laws.

Federal Judicial Center, US

Site provides extensive information of relevance to the US federal judicial system.

FirstGov, US

Comprehensive access to information on US government agencies and US law.

Thomas: US Legislative Information

Comprehensive official database for information about the legislative activities of the US Government. Includes historical documents.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Substantial access to human rights materials, including treaties, legislation, documents, databases, training programs, and organizations.

Women in International Law

Comprehensive bibliography with extensive links to information pertinent to women legal professionals and regarding women’s legal issues. Site hosted by the University of Chicago.

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