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World Bank Publications and Research on Law and Justice Institutions


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Uganda, Legal and Judicial Sector Study
Legal Vice Presidency, World Bank, 2009

Initiatives in Justice Reform 
Legal Vice Presidency, World Bank, 2009

Building Legal System for Global Integration: A Development Perspective for the Latin American Context
Teresa Genta Fons
Law and Business Review of the Americas, Volume 15, Winter 2009.
Number 1, pp. 165-83

Framing Local Justice in Bangladesh
Maiteyi Das and Vivek Maru
Washington, D.C.
World Bank. 2009.

Courting Social Justice: Judicial Enforcement of Social and Economic Rights in the Developing World
Varun Gauri and Daniel Brinds (eds.)
Cambridge: University Press. 2008.

Transforming Judicial Systems in Europe and Central Asia 
James H. Anderson and Cheryl W. Gray (eds.)
Annual World Bank Conference on Economic Development
pp. 329-55
Washington, D.C.: World Bank. 2007.

Good Budgeting, Better Justice: Modern Budget Practices for the Judicial Sector
David Webber, 2007

Justice Sector Assessment Handbook
Dory Reiling, Linn Hammergren, Adrian Di Giovanni
World Bank. 2007.

Anticorruption Reform in Rule of Law Programs
Maria Gonzalez de Asis
Washington, D.C.: World Bank. 2006.

Law, Equity and Development
Ana Palacio (ed.)
The World Bank Legal Review
Volume 2. (2006)

Gender, Justice and Truth Commissions
World Bank. 2006.

Judicial Systems in Transition Economies - Assessing the Past, Looking to the Future
James H. Anderson, David S. Bernstein and Cheryl W. Gray
Washington, D.C.:  World Bank. 2005.

Human Rights and Development
Joseph Ingram, David Freestone

Way Forward: Human Rights and the World Bank
Ana Palacio

Law or Justice:  Building Equitable Legal Institutions
Klaus Decker, Caroline Sage, Milena Stefanova. 2005

Human Rights and Equitable Development:  "Ideals," Issues and Implications.
Klaus Decker, Siobhan McInerney-Lankford, Caroline Sage

Customary Law and Policy Reform: Engaging with the Plurality of Justice Systems
Leila Chirayath, Caroline Sage, Michael Woolcock. 2005

Initiatives in Legal and Judicial Reform 2004
Legal Vice Presidency. 2004.

Legal Services for the Poor: Best Practices Handbook
Legal Vice Presidency (2003)

Initiatives in Legal and Judicial Reform 2003
Legal Vice Presidency (October 2003)

Impact of Legal Aid: Ecuador
Legal Vice Presidency (February 2003)

Legal and Judicial Reform: Strategic Directions
Legal Vice Presidency (January 2003)

Legal and Judicial Reform - Observations, Experiences, and Approach of the Legal Vice Presidency
Legal Vice Presidency (July 2002)

Colombia - Modernization of the Itagüí Court System, A Management and Leadership Case Study
Javier Said and David Varela (Legal and Judicial Reform Series, 2002)

Initiatives in Legal and Judicial Reform, 2002 Edition (237K PDF)
Legal and Judicial Reform Practice Group, Legal Vice Presidency (May 2002)

Comprehensive Legal and Judicial Development: Towards an Agenda for a Just and Equitable Society in the 21st Century
(Proceedings of a World Bank Conference, Washington D.C., June 5-7, 2000), Edited by Rudolf V. Van Puymbroeck (May 2001)

Legal and Judicial Reform in Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union - Voices from Five Countries
Mark K. Dietrich (August 2000)

Mujer y Justicia: El Caso Argentino
Cristina Motta and Marcela Rodriguez (World Bank, Buenos Aires, 2000)

Reforming Business-Related Laws to Promote Private-Sector Development: The World Bank Experience in Africa
W. Paatii Ofosu-Amaah (Legal Vice Presidency, World Bank, 2000)

Telecommunications Legislation in Transitional and Developing Economies
Tim Schwartz and David Satola (Technical Note 489, World Bank, 2000)

Empowering Women: An Assessment of Legal Aid Under Ecuador's Judicial Reform Project
Marcela Rodriguez (November 2000)

Reforming Business-Related Laws to Promote Private Sector Development: The World Bank Experience in Africa
W. Paatii Ofosu-Amaah (World Bank, May 2000) 

Attacking Corruption in the Judiciary: A Critical Process in Judicial Reform
Maria Dakolias and Kim Thachuk (Wisconsin International Law Journal 18 (2) 2000)

An Analysis of the Causes of Corruption in the Judiciary
Edgardo Buscaglia and Maria Dakolias (Legal and Judicial Reform Series, 1999)

Comparative International Study of Court Performance Indicators
Edgardo Buscaglia and Maria Dakolias (Legal and Judicial Reform Series, 1999)

Court Performance Around the World
Maria Dakolias (Technical Note 430, 1999)

Judicial Reform: A Process of Change Through Pilot Courts
Maria Dakolias and Javier Said (Legal and Judicial Reform Series, 1999)

Combating Corruption: A Comparative Review of Selected Legal Aspects of State Practices and Major International Initiatives
W. Paatii Ofosu-Amaah, Raj Soopramanien and Kishor Uprety (World Bank, 1999)

Gender-Related Legal Reform and Access to Economic Resources in Eastern Africa
Gita Gopal (World Bank, August 1999)

Partnerships for Global Ecosystem Management: Science, Economics and Law: Proceedings and Reference Readings from the Fifth Annual WB Conference on Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
(World Bank,  November 1998)

Gender and Law: Eastern Africa Speaks
Economic Commission for Africa (World Bank, April 1998)

A Legal Framework for Systemic Bank Restructuring
Margery Waxman (Legal Department, The World Bank, 1998)

Complementary Reform: Essays on Legal, Judicial and Other Institutional Reforms Supported by the World Bank
Ibrahim F. I. Shihata (Kluwer Law International, 1997)

The World Bank and Legal Technical Assistance: Current Issues
Andrew N. Vorkink (The World Bank, Legal Department, 1997)

The Judicial Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean: Elements of Reform
Maria Dakolias (Technical Note 319, 1996)

Judicial Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean
Malcolm D. Rowat, Waleed Malik, and Maria Dakolias (Technical Note 280, 1995)

Judicial Reform in Developing Countries and the Role of the World Bank
Ibrahim F. I. Shihata (Paper submitted to the Seminar of Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990's, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank, San Jose, Costa Rica, February 1993)

PREM Notes

Title Date
Reforming courts: the role of empirical research
PREM Note 65 (PDF 178KB)

March 2002
Strengthening legislatures: implications from industrial countries
PREM Note 63 (PDF 179KB)

March 2002
Features and functions of supreme audit institutions
PREM Note 59 (PDF 179KB)

October 2001

Writing an effective anticorruption law
PREM Note 58 (PDF 181KB)

October 2001
Governing the justice system: Spain
PREM Note 54 (PDF 121KB)
June 2001
Reforming civil justice systems: trends in industrial countries
PREM Note 46 (PDF 120KB)

October 2000
Access to justice: the English experience with small claims
PREM Note 40 (PDF 146KB)

May 2000
Reducing court delays: Five lessons from the United States
PREM Note 34 (PDF 150KB)

December 1999
The law and economics of judicial systems
PREM Note 26 (PDF 120KB)
July 1999

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