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Justice Knowledge & Research


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Rule of Law and Development  

It is widely believed that well-functioning law and justice institutions and a government bound by the rule of law are important to economic, political and social development. As a result, practitioners in the development field have turned increasing attention to reforms intended to improve law and justice institutions:: More
 Rule of Law
 Law and Justice Institutions and Development


Law Reform

Sound legal frameworks are prerequisites for economic growth and social development. The process through which laws and regulations are conceptualized, drafted, enacted, publicized and enforced is the foundation of a society governed by the rule of law. :: More

:: Law Making
:: Legal Framework for the Justice Sector
:: Sector Specific Laws
:: Laws and Gender

Justice Reform

Well-functioning justice systems are a key component of the Rule of Law. That is why reforms of justice systems have become an important area of development cooperation. Though early legal reform efforts focused on changes to the substantive laws, it is now widely recognized that drafting new laws is by itself insufficient. Reform of the institutions that create, apply and enforce the law is also necessary. :: More

:: Reforming Courts and the Judiciary 
:: Reforming Other Justice Institutions 
:: Alternative Dispute Resolution 
:: Legal Education and Training 
:: Legal Professionals  


Sector Specific Justice Reform Strategies

Law and justice reforms can be undertaken from various angles, depending on the development goals the projects aims at achieving. The identification of the development goal has considerable implications for the choice of strategy and project components. :: More

:: Access to Justice for the Poor 
:: Private Sector Development 
:: Fighting Corruption
:: Justice Reform in Fragile States 

Performance Evaluation

Measuring the performance of the various elements of the justice sector is crucial for any justice reform. Empirical research and court statistics are key in this context. :: More

:: Performance Measures 
:: Empirical Research
:: Benchmarks & Comparative Data 


Projects and Activities

The World Bank as well as other donors work on improving law and justice institutions in developing and transition countries. :: More

:: World Bank Activities
:: Other Donors' Activities
:: Project and Reform Evaluations 



:: Toolkits
:: Readings
:: Other Research Tools

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