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Extractive Industries Review Reports

Striking a Better Balance

Executive Summary (English / French / Russian / Spanish )

Volume I: The World Bank and Extractive Industries (English / French / Russian / Spanish)

Volume II: Stakeholders Inputs: Converging Issues and Diverging Views on the World Bank Group's Involvement in Extractive Industries (EnglishSpanish)

Volume III: Annexes
Annex 1: EIR Background and Process
Annex 2: World Bank Group in the Extractive Industries
Annex 3: Industry's Views
Annex 4: Civil Society's Views
Annex 5: Governments' Views
Annex 6: Views of Academia and International Organizations
Annex 7: Literature Reviewed

Volume IV: Workshop and Project Visit Reports
1. Report of the EIR Planning Workshop
2. Latin America and the Caribbean Workshop: Full Report and Executive Summary
3. Eastern Europe and Central Asia Workshop: Full Report and Executive Summary
4. Africa Workshop: Full Report and Executive Summary
5. Asia Pacific Workshop: Full Report and Executive Summary
6. Middle East and North Africa Workshop: Full Report and Executive Summary
7. Report of the Project Visit to Papua New Guinea
8. Report of the Project Visit to Chad-Cameroon

Volume V: Final Workshop Report (EnglishFrench / Russian / Spanish ) and
Stakeholders Submissions or Comments (English / French / Russian / Spanish)

Volume VI: Research Reports

1. The Role of Structural Reform Programs Towards Sustainable Development Outcomes
(Part I and Part II) by Heike Mainhardt-Gibbs, WWF.

2. Impact of the World Bank Group's Social and Environmental Policies on Extractive Companies and Financial Insitutions by Richard Everett, Associate for Global Change. (344 Kb pdf)

3. Extracting Promises: Indigenous Peoples, Extractive Industries and the World Bank by
E. Caruso,  M. Colchester, F. MacKay, N. Hildyard, and G. Nettleton, Tebtebba Foundation, Forest People's Program and the Philippines Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPLinks). (768 Kb)

4. Community Perspectives on Extractive Industries by Ginger Gibson, CoDevelopment Canada. (1,144 Kb pdf)

5. Report on Stakeholders' Views on Artisanal and Small Scale Mining by Edmund Bugnosen, Bugnosen Minerals Engineering.(75 Kb)

6. Mining and Critical Ecosystems: Mapping the Risks by M. Miranda, P. Burris, P. Shearman, J.O. Briones, A. La Vina,  and S. Menard, World Resources Institute. (629 Kb)

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